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Feedlot video confirms young Belgian and Percheron horses in the Japan trade

The CHDC recently received footage from the Summerview feedlot in Alberta.  This video showed a large number of young Belgian and Percheron draft horses.  They are the breeds of choice for the Japanese market.  There have been rumours about young horses in this trade but we did not have concrete evidence until now. As of […]

Revealed: Death flights to Japan for our horses

The CHDC is releasing this footage that reveals new information about the final destination for the live draft horses who are shipped to Japan for human consumption.    

OLEX breed numbers – June 11, 2013

In addition to the cold numbers that are here, the following are “from the heart” observations of those great advocates who courageously attend the auction every week. OLEX Report for TUESDAY, June 11, 2013 ____________________________________________________ WE DO OUR BEST TO PRESENT AN ACCURATE REPORT EACH WEEK. There is a lot going on each week, and […]