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Breeder – Based On The True Stories Of Countless Horses, And Dedicated To Their Memory

Thrust by a powerful force from my dark, warm nest, I slide into the cold brilliance of a new world.  It is bewildering, this raw and frightening experience, but she is close with her searching muzzle and welcoming nicker.  Her voice is familiar and good.  Although my limbs are yet weak, the power of life […]

The dark world of nurse mare foals

Another dirty secret of the horse industry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30M26uJV_Ts

A doe-eyed gray filly lives, her saviour fights on

http://www.offtrackthoroughbreds.com By Susan Salk on November 20, 2012 The deep gash oozing so darkly across the angelic pale face of the nameless filly riveted Mindy Lovell’s attention the way a red flight might a bull. In the five years she’d spent rescuing Thoroughbreds from slaughter, Lovell had seen things, unimaginable things:  She’d witnessed horses arriving […]