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CETA Agreement Approved At Great Cost to Canadian Equines

Eurogroup for Animals, a Belgian group that seeks to improve the treatment of animals in the EU,  has reported that the CETA trade agreement was approved by the EU parliament  (408 votes in favour, 254 against, 33 abstentions).  CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is a deal negotiated between the EU and Canada which […]

Action Alert: Act Now To Comment On CFIA’s Proposed Amendments To The Health Of Animals Act

  In a recent blog post, the CHDC alerted its readers to the CFIA’s intention to modify the Health of Animals Regulations so that they are aligned with the National Farm Animal Care Council Codes and regulations of our international trading partners.  The CFIA requested that stakeholders and interested parties direct questions and comments to: […]

Alberta Horse Wrangler Drawn Into AHA Investigation

Three articles have recently appeared in the news concerning a movie being filmed in Alberta – “The Solutrean.”  The movie is currently under investigation by the American Humane Association,  the organization which allows the use of the disclaimer “no animals were harmed” in the credits of movies featuring animal actors. Please refer to articles from […]

New Initiative to Help Animals – Petition The Government of Canada To Assess Those Convicted of Animal Cruelty

Why is this petition important? Animals are easy targets for abuse as they are vulnerable and without legal rights. Although the crime of animal cruelty may be viewed by some people as unimportant or trivial when compared with other crimes, studies show that people who harm animals may also be involved in other criminality, including […]

Book Review: Saving Baby – Jo Anne Normile

Jo Anne Normile is a co-founder and current president of the Saving Baby Equine Charity.  In her memoir, Saving Baby: How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption, the horse lover and activist fights for the humane treatment of ex-racehorses. “Compelled by the idea of owning a thoroughbred, Normile acquires ‘Baby” from […]

Conservative MP – Supporter of Horse Slaughter and Cruel Pig Wrestling “Festival”

Canadian Conservative MP Maxime Bernier, who voted to keep horse slaughter going with a nay vote in May of this year on Bill C-571, took part in the Quebec festival of pig wrestling (Rodeo de cochons) during the MPs’ summer recess. The Montreal SPCA spoke against the cruelty in a campaign in July,  As did hockey […]

Quebec to Amend Civil Code to Better Protect Animals From Abuse

Written by: Martin Ouellet, Canadian Press QUEBEC — Quebec’s new agriculture minister is promising to clean up the province’s bad reputation as one of the best places to be an animal abuser. He said he has reached an agreement in principle with Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee that would give critters more status before the courts […]

News Article: Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Horse’s Death Reignites Debate Over Animal Cruelty

By Steve Mertl | Daily Brew It’s unlikely that news about what killed a chuckwagon horse at the Calgary Stampede on Tuesday will satisfy animal welfare advocates who want the exciting races made safer, if not abolished altogether. Denny, a 12-year-old thoroughbred, collapsed during a training run. A post-mortem has determined he died of a […]

Calgary Police Carry On Cruel Rodeo Tradition

The CHDC has been made aware of the Calgary Police holding their own rodeo.  We saw disturbing footage from the 2010 rodeo,  which you can view here As a result,  we were compelled to write to the Calgary Police expressing our concerns. Please read our  Calgary Police Service Rodeo Letter