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Ask a Simple Question, Get a Convoluted Answer

What is it with government, that a simple question cannot be addressed with a straightforward and truthful response?  Please see the e-mail string below. How easy it would be to say yes or no to the question asked by a concerned citizen. The welfare of horses depends on honest answers, not platitudes about humane treatment! […]

CHDC Year End Report – 2016

The Clock is Ticking!  The Horses Need You! December 21, 2016 is the deadline for signing E-petition 116.  This is your opportunity, as a Canadian and a horse defender, to speak out against horse slaughter!   An official government petition, E-116 has been sponsored by Member of Parliament Mark Holland.  It calls upon the House of […]

Ministry of Justice Unable to Administer Justice In Own Back Yard

In recent years we appear to be witnessing more governmental whitewashing, smokescreens, and doublespeak than possibly at any other time in Canadian history.  Many voters in our country have expressed frustration at the lack of credibility exhibited by the Conservative government, and in all likelihood will opt for change. The following e-mail string is testimony […]

The CHDC Applauds Recent Developments in the EU Concerning North American Horsemeat Imports

The CHDC is excited to hear confirmation of recent rumours that the European Union (EU) is close to imposing a ban on the import of horsemeat from Mexico.  Click here for the audio presentation made in the EU.  As well, we are pleased to hear that stricter conditions on Equine Information Document (EID) rules will soon apply […]

Letter from The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health

In May of 2010, The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – Spruce Grove and current Minister of Health,  expressed concern about the consumption of horsemeat in a letter to a Director with the CHDC. Please feel free to use this letter to promote discussion with your own MP or to include with […]

Updated CHDC Flyer Now Available for Downloading

Please note that our flyer has been updated with the latest horse slaughter statistics.  Please click here to download your copy for distribution.

Ban Victoria BC’s Horse-Drawn Carriages – Free Postcards Available From Friends of Animals

SPEAK UP! Victoria’s horse-drawn carriages are at constant risk of getting hit by vehicles. Walking and trotting on hard concrete and breathing in exhaust all day just to tow tourists around Victoria, B.C., is no way for a horse to live. Order some of the new Friends of Animals postcards, directed to City Council asking […]

The Business of Broker-Owned Horses

Conestoga Woman Saves Horse From Slaughter After Being Contacted by “Broker Program” He is a big black beautiful horse. Or at least he was. Brownstone, nicknamed Brownie, moves around his stall with a nervousness that tells his story even better than the cuts, bites, kicks and infection he suffers from, or his jutting hip bones […]

Help protest against rodeo cruelty in Calgary

People who care about animals will be holding demonstrations against rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede (July 5-14).  They need your help. Every year, VHS makes headlines with its campaign against rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede.  We do what we can to draw attention to the issue through the news media, advertising, our website […]

Changes at Stampede Park aim to make rodeo safer for animals, cowboys

From Global News: CALGARY- The Calgary Stampede is making some big changes, in hopes of protecting both animals and cowboys. New steel chutes have been installed in Stampede Park, which have wider, rounder and higher steel bars, better gate openings and hard rubber separating the animals. Please continue reading here.