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Clarification Regarding EU Ban On Horsemeat From Mexico

Here is some further clarification on the status of horsemeat shipments to the EU from Mexico…. As it is written in the formal decision by the European Commission, Mexico will only be able to ship horsemeat to the EU until January 15, 2015.  The ban will then go into effect, but the horsemeat shipped until […]

The CHDC Applauds Recent Developments in the EU Concerning North American Horsemeat Imports

The CHDC is excited to hear confirmation of recent rumours that the European Union (EU) is close to imposing a ban on the import of horsemeat from Mexico.  Click here for the audio presentation made in the EU.  As well, we are pleased to hear that stricter conditions on Equine Information Document (EID) rules will soon apply […]

Photos From Alex Atamanenko’s May 8th Press Conference and Final Push For Our Horses!

As the House of Commons heads to a vote next week on his horse slaughter Bill C-571,  we present you with photos from MP Atamanenko’s Press Conference.  Alex was joined here by CHDC’s Executive Director Sinikka Crosland,  medical and toxicology expert Dr. Ray Kellosalmi,  and US political allies Victoria McCullough and Senator Joseph Abruzzo.  Senator […]

Behind Closed Doors – What XL Foods and Horse Slaughter Plants Have in Common and What They’d Prefer to Keep Hidden

The CHDC provides evidence of disturbing parallels between the XL Foods contaminated beef recall and conditions inside Canada’s horse slaughter plants. Read the full report here.  Warning – graphic images.

Italian Horse Protection Association asks for help to ban street horse races in Italy

From Equine Welfare Alliance: Please take a moment to sign this petition from the Italian Horse Protection Association, one of EWA’s newest member organizations. The petition is calling for a ban on street horse races in Italy….  

Toronto Star Article – Blood sport rides high in Asia

Editor’s Note:  We’d like to give a huge thumbs up to the Toronto Star, Canada’s most widely read newspaper, for their increasing coverage of animal welfare issues. Having a voice for the animals like this is very much appreciated, especially by the animals! In today’s Star there’s coverage of a horrible “sport” in Asia – horse […]

Equine Welfare Groups Write to Congress and Amendment Withdrawn to Fund Inspections

Here’s a letter that a coalition of U.S. equine welfare groups sent to members of Congress last night. Word this afternoon is that Rep. Lummis has withdrawn her amendment that would have countered Rep. Moran’s amendment by striking the language defunding inspections.  Good news today for the horses!  Excellent letter here, have a read: […]

Now there’s something to be proud of

Wednesday, May4th2011 – 23:07 UTC  Argentina leads in horse meat exports: 23.880 tons in 2010 Leading markets for the product are Russia, Holland, France, Italy, Japan, Belgium and Germany, with the Russians taking over half the exported volume. World horse meat trade in 2009 according to FAO totalled some 145.000 tons. Horse meat is […]

While Egypt celebrates horses starve to death due to falloff of tourism

Innocent casualties of Egypt’s riots: Harrowing images of the horses starving to death as tourists stay away  WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  

The war on equines continues, this time in England

Campaign launched to tackle Dartmoor pony cull December 4, 2010  A responsible breeding campaign has been launched in Britain around concerns over the number of Dartmoor ponies being killed and their meat fed to zoo animals.   Above: Hill ponies start their journey abroad. The coloured ponies are considered valuable in Italy, where their markings […]