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The CHDC Is Pleased to Promote the Launch of the BC Horse Angels Website

The CHDC is pleased to promote BC Horse Angels – a group focused on improving the lives of horses in British Columbia,  operated by horse advocate Belinda Lyall.  Horse welfare advocates are very familiar with Belinda’s efforts to rescue horses from auctions – BC Horse Angels was recently registered as a corporation acting as a […]

CFIA Seeks Feedback On Proposed EIA Strategy

From,  written by Margaret Evans  (complete article available here) “Equine infectious anemia (EIA) is a potentially fatal viral disease that affects all members of the equine family – horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, and zebras. The disease, which is also known as swamp fever, is worldwide and was first detected in Canada in Manitoba in […]

Nova, Honeycomb, and Flame – Adoption Success Stories From Free Spirit Sanctuary

The braying of donkeys early this morning heralded the arrival of a very special colt. Seven months ago, his mama, Nova, was in obvious distress in an auction mart pen awaiting transport to the slaughterhouse in Fort McLeod, Alberta. She had a large udder and initially it was suspected that she was in labour. Free […]

Free Spirit Sanctuary Looking to Expand Property and Save Wild Horses From Cull

Dr. Sandie Hucal, who runs Free Spirit Sanctuary northwest of Cochrane, said she’s looking to expand the operation, which is already at capacity, by leasing at least 30 additional hectares in the western foothills. “What we would like to see is to have the ones who are being captured this year be placed in a […]

New Postcard Campaign Launched in Support of Alberta Wild Horses – Urgent Attention Needed!

The CHDC, in conjunction with Free Spirit Sanctuary, is launching a Canada-wide postcard campaign to stop the capture and slaughter of Alberta’s Wild Horses. During the capture season of 2011-12 over 200 wild horses were culled, decimating many family bands. Public pressure led to a moratorium on capture permits last season. In March, 2013 an aerial survey […]