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The Dawson Creek Horse Auction – A Supporter’s First-Person Account

Hubby and I had been thinking about finding a new mare since the passing of our 37 year old a few months ago. Our senior Percheron draft horses were looking a bit down, and after reading Joe Camp’s book – The Soul of a Horse – I was thinking that the herd might be happier […]

A Slice Of Reality About Horse Auctions….

The September 19th Valley Auction in Armstrong British Columbia was a success by all accounts – reportedly ALL horses found homes and no horses went to kill buyers.  Many rescuers came home with multiple horses and this is merely one account of a very lucky mare (and foal!) who was purchased merely ONE DAY before […]

The Horse Sanctuary Fundraiser and Open House – October 3-4

The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm, Coldwater, ON Fall Fundraiser and Open House – October 3-4 Located north-west of Orillia, Ontario, The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm (formerly named Horseplay Sanctuary) is a registered non-profit charity with a mandate to rescue, rehabilitate, re-train and re-home horses at risk.  Founders Lillian Tepera and Robert Timlin have […]

Announcing CHDC’s 2016 Equine Calendar!

We are thrilled to announce CHDC’s 2016 Photo Contest/Horse Calendar, in honour of CHDC Director Marie Dean – all proceeds will benefit the work of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. Marie’s horses,  Johnny and Candy,  will be featured in the calendar as well. The 12-month calendars will be available  from our store at Café Press, […]

Live in British Columbia? Preparedness Links And Resources for Emergency Animal Evacuation Due To Wildfires

There are currently more than 250 forest fires burning in British Columbia, with new fires being reported each week. At the time of writing, there are at least 10 evacuation alerts in effect across the province, and costs to fight the fires could exceed $400 million by the end of the season. The risk of […]

Nova, Honeycomb, and Flame – Adoption Success Stories From Free Spirit Sanctuary

The braying of donkeys early this morning heralded the arrival of a very special colt. Seven months ago, his mama, Nova, was in obvious distress in an auction mart pen awaiting transport to the slaughterhouse in Fort McLeod, Alberta. She had a large udder and initially it was suspected that she was in labour. Free […]

Refuge RR – One Of Canada’s Oldest Animal Sanctuaries Is In Need Of Funds

Refuge RR,  located in Alexandria Ontario,  has been around since 1990 and is one of Canada’s oldest running animal sanctuaries.   The refuge is 100% non-profit and with an incredible 250 animals to care for, it’s also one of Canada’s largest sanctuaries. The sanctuary is currently home to about 80 horses along with cats, dogs, rats, […]

Equine Therapy Programs Continue To Offer Second Careers For Horses

Horse facilitated programs to aid persons with PTSD and other physical or mental health initiatives are on the increase. The people and groups that offer these services are proving that horses can utilize a second career without being considered “useless” after their first career is over. Support is provided to participants using the interaction with […]

Book Review: Saving Baby – Jo Anne Normile

Jo Anne Normile is a co-founder and current president of the Saving Baby Equine Charity.  In her memoir, Saving Baby: How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption, the horse lover and activist fights for the humane treatment of ex-racehorses. “Compelled by the idea of owning a thoroughbred, Normile acquires ‘Baby” from […]

Skipper’s Story – A Sick Belgian Horse Who Refused To Get On the Trailer to Slaughter

Skipper’s story (reprinted with permission from Coast to Coast Draft Horse Connection) This is Skipper – Skipper refused to get on the trailer to the slaughterhouse. We did not know much about him, except that he was smart… smart enough not to get on the trailer. With the help of a network of awesome folks […]