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The CHDC Is Pleased to Promote the Launch of the BC Horse Angels Website

The CHDC is pleased to promote BC Horse Angels – a group focused on improving the lives of horses in British Columbia,  operated by horse advocate Belinda Lyall.  Horse welfare advocates are very familiar with Belinda’s efforts to rescue horses from auctions – BC Horse Angels was recently registered as a corporation acting as a […]

Six Thoroughbreds In Need Of Homes in Elizabethville Ontario….

This is a courtesy post for a retired individual who needs to place six thoroughbred horses.  If they cannot be placed in homes,  they will be euthanized or sent to auction.  They are located in the town of Elizabethville Ontario,  near Campbellcroft and the Ganaraska Forest. Prospective adopters may be interviewed for suitability or be […]

A Slice Of Reality About Horse Auctions….

The September 19th Valley Auction in Armstrong British Columbia was a success by all accounts – reportedly ALL horses found homes and no horses went to kill buyers.  Many rescuers came home with multiple horses and this is merely one account of a very lucky mare (and foal!) who was purchased merely ONE DAY before […]

Herd Dispersal Ordered By SPCA In Armstrong, British Columbia

Attention Horse Advocates: Valley Auction in Armstrong BC will be holding a complete herd dispersal ordered by the SPCA. The horses’ health has dramatically declined in the last several weeks and several are malnourished and extremely emaciated. The auction will be held on Saturday, February 7th at 12:00 pm, following the tack sale at 10:00 […]

Numerous Horses Being Offered for Sale on Siksika Nation Reserve

Numerous horses and yearlings available at this dispersal sale.  Siksika is where  2 horses drowned during the floods in June of this year. Typically, horses on the reserves are sent to auction or straight to slaughter when downsizing (or $) is needed, so at least these people are trying to find homes first.

N.D. PMU Ranch closing – many horses at risk of shipping to slaughter

There is a PMU ranch in North Dakota that is closing down.  There are a number of lovely horses at immediate risk of shipping to slaughter.  For information on adopting please go to then click on “Available Horses” in the left column to bring up the page specific to this group.  They are showing […]

Sudbury, Ontario – Rescued horses in need of homes

Sep 15, 2011  By: Jenny Jelen – Sudbury Northern Life Staff  Twelve horses living without food, water or shelter have been brought back to health by the SPCA, and are now in search of greener pastures. According to a media release from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the horses […]

Orangeville, Ontario – TB filly looking for a home

She is sound but has sweeling on her front leg. The owner does not want to come get her and has given her to me. She does not fit in my program, and I has NO USE for her. She is not broke and has not been handled much. Does like to be scatch and […]

Saving Canada’s Horses

Please also visit “Saving Canada’s Horses” on Facebook where horses available for adoption are also profiled.!/rescuer.ames Our thanks to all of these wonderful folks who are networking to help horses!

Thoroughbreds at risk for slaughter in BC

The CHDC received the following email yesterday….. I just wanted to pass along a message I just recieved from a good friend. I hate to think of perfectly good horses going to the plant only because the owner can’t keep them…seems so wrong. Apparently there are a large group of horses located in Chase BC that need […]