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For the Love of our Horses

For The Love Of Our Horses by Tessa Aliece on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 2:20pm When I hear stories about horses that lost their lives to the hands of humans at slaughter plants, my faith in humanity vanishes.  When I browse Craigslist and see all the free horses, the horses that are young, broke […]

Wild Horses in North America

Shelley Grainger, Executive Director for the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has written an excellent essay on wild horses in North America. Shelley follows the history of wild horses on the North American continent from the beginning to now.  Evolution of the Horse in North America from Canadian Geographic  The ancestor of all equids, Eohippus […]

John Holland offers advice to Sue Wallis

Please visit horseback magazine for the full article. Comments are welcome!   Numbers Won’t Work in Proposed Processing Plant, EWA President Says  November 30, 2010  “Even if Wallis could convince Wyoming‘s tiny population to gorge themselves on the meat, there is yet another problem. The meat is not safe.”      By John Holland    Chicago, (EWA) –  Newsweek […]

A letter to Temple

Jim Sinclair, who has autism, helped organize Autism Network International. He has written some insightful and poetic essays regarding his autism, and his experiences living in a world in which he is “different”.  The ANI was founded not for parents or family, but rather for the people with autism. Their annual retreat attempts to provide […]

As felt and seen through the eyes of a horse on “the truck”

I don’t understand why I am here. Where is my family and who am I crushed in here next to?  It is so hot and I am so thirsty.  When will we stop?  My legs are aching.  I wish I could lay down.  Why isn’t this truck stopping?  I look outside – we are passing […]

HWAC: In Bed with the CFIA?

The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC) has posted a letter on their website from the CFIA’s Dr. Brian Evans.  This gratuitous letter must be shared with our supporters.  The last paragraph is quite telling: “The CFIA endeavours and continues to develop policies that are based on science and that reflect contemporary societal values and […]

I Am a Horse

This is a few days old, but well worth reading anyway.  You can leave a comment at the link.  http://therail. blogs.nytimes. com/2010/ 05/22/i-am- a-horse/ May 22, 2010, 9:19 am I Am a Horse By JIM GATH Jim Gath is the founder and executive director of Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary in Cave Creek, Ariz. Tierra Madre […]