Let’s Make Horse Slaughter an Election Issue in Canada!


Dear Horse Defenders,

In just a few short months, Canadians will have an opportunity to choose the next federal government.  

While jobs, health care, pipelines and other mainstream issues will be under discussion over the summer, we wonder which politicians will take time to consider the welfare and rights of non-human animals.  Specifically, who will provide a voice for horses by supporting legislation to end horse slaughter and live exports for slaughter?

Wouldn’t it be nice if every single future legislator were aware of the tragedy of horse slaughter, and if the majority could be convinced to seek an end to it?  As a voter, you hold the power to bring this about. 

Can you help us determine how current Members of Parliament feel about the fate of our horses?  All you need to do is to send the following very short questionnaire to your own MP (and encourage your family, friends, and acquaintances to do likewise).  Then forward your MP’s response to CHDC and we will publicize it, along with any other responses we receive.  And don’t worry – for the sake of confidentiality, we will remove your name and contact information from the MP’s letter.  Attached is a spreadsheet (will open in Excel) you can use to locate your MP’s email address.  When you contact your MP,  please use the recent Nanos Poll on horse slaughter to demonstrate that opposition to horse slaughter is a national issue.

In this way, we can let the country know where our legislators stand on this topic that is so crucial for the horses as well as those who defend them.

We can make horse slaughter an election issue! 


Please copy/paste the following into the body of your e-mail and fill in the blanks before you send:


Dear MP _____________:


A Nanos poll conducted in June 2019 revealed that almost 7 out of 10 Canadians would like to see horse slaughter stopped.

As your constituent, I am interested to learn your opinion about the issue of horse slaughter in Canada, as well as the live exports of horses to other countries for slaughter and human consumption.

Kindly take a moment to respond to this brief questionnaire and send me your reply.

Thank you,

__________________[your full name]


__________________[your complete mailing address]


__________________[your e-mail address]



1) If elected, would you support an end to horse slaughter in Canada? [yes or no]

2) If elected, would you support an end to live exports of horses from Canada to other countries for slaughter and human consumption? [yes or no]




  1. Mary Joe Figueira · ·

    My Liberal Candidate running for the Federal Election for Halton/Milton area Adam van Koeverden supports the end of horse slaughter in Canada.

    Mary-Joe Figueira

  2. Zara Lunden · ·

    I have shared this far and wide

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