How to Make Horse Slaughter an Election Issue…and Why It’s a Critical Strategy

The Canadian federal election is scheduled to take place on or before October 21, 2019 and certain party leaders are already out in full swagger, attempting to secure votes from various groups.  Between now and the election, we will see more public appearances as speeches are refined and platforms are polished.

But while we listen to the usual boasts and promises that accompany pre-election jousting, will animal issues receive a mention at all by those who would like to run our country for the next four years?  Have our Members of Parliament even given horse slaughter a passing thought?  Likely not, unless constituents have already brought this issue to their attention.  Even so, some will sweep horses and other animals under the rug in favour of what they perceive as more pertinent and vote-worthy issues, such as the economy, the refugee crisis, housing and infrastructure, to name a few.  Frankly, it’s all about the votes. 

Over recent years, though, a previously trivial contender for votes entered the picture – the environment.  Now that global warming has become a huge issue of concern, our politicians would be foolish to ignore this point as they attempt to win over the country with their election speeches.

Since the opinions of constituents are so crucial, we can use the “power in numbers” strategy to bring horse slaughter to the table. 

On that note, we ask for your participation in contacting the federal candidates in your own riding, in order to determine where they stand on the issue of horse slaughter.  We will publish their responses online, and need you to forward those responses to us.  Hopefully by early fall, we will have a clear picture of which candidates would be willing to abolish the brutal horse slaughter industry in Canada once and for all.

Please send this simple questionnaire to the federal election hopefuls in your riding (copy/paste into the body of an e-mail):

Dear Candidate for Federal Election:

I am a registered voter in your electoral constituency, and would like to know:

  1. if elected, would you support an end to the practice of horse slaughter in Canada (yes or no), and
  2. if elected, would you support an end to the practice of exporting live horses to Japan and Korea for slaughter (yes or no)?

If you are not aware of the horse slaughter issue, or require further information before responding to me, please visit this link.

Thank you. 

I respectfully request that you respond to me regarding the above two questions by July 31, 2019.

Best regards,

Your name

Your full address


For information on who the candidates for election are in your riding, stay tuned to the Elections Canada website.  

Please forward all responses to CHDC:  

We are also interested in “non-responses”; if any candidates have not replied to your questions by July 31, 2019, please let us know who they are.

Thank you so much, on behalf of the horses!

Your friends at CHDC



  1. Lynne Magee · ·

    Sent to my Federal Liberal candidate, Allan Thompson today.

  2. Shirley Padalecki · ·

    Ban horse slaughter.Make the people who are over breeding horses to stop….limit the breeding,make them responsible for finding good homes.

  3. Help all animal’s!

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