The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Releases ATI Documents for Charters of Horses From Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg in 2018


The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Releases ATI Documents for Charters of Horses From Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg 

Live horses continued to be transported from several Canadian airports to Japan for slaughter in 2018.  Documents obtained following an Access to Information request to the Canadian Transportation Agency reveal Atlas Air as the carrier for five flights that year.  Two flights were from the Calgary Airport, two from Winnipeg and one from Edmonton.


Carolyle Farms, Swan River, Manitoba is named as charterer for three of these flights with two Winnipeg departures and one from Edmonton.

Schorno Agri-Business, Yelm WA is named as charterer for two flights, both out of Calgary. More about their involvement in the transport of live horses for slaughter may be read in our UPDATE ON THE SLAUGHTER TRADE – SEPTEMBER 2018



It should be noted that while Korean Air Cargo handled most of the live shipments we are aware of in 2018, it is not included in the list provided by the CTA.  Although Atlas Air and Nippon Air are required to submit a permit application for each of these chartered flights, Korean Air is not.  When questioned, Transport Minister Marc Garneau provided the following explanation in a letter written on May 23, 2017.

“…. if Korean Air chose to operate all-cargo charter flights, it would be obligated to seek the same requisite authorizations from the Agency as other airlines, such as Atlas Air.”

The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport



The CHDC endeavours to track the air transport of horses for slaughter and by doing so, to our knowledge, at least 28 flights carrying horses to Japan for this purpose were operated by Korean Air in 2018.

Korean Air HL7623 loading at the Calgary International Airport on October 24, 2018. Flight duration: 10 hours 29 minutes


Korean Air HL7609 being loaded at the Winnipeg International Airport on August 20, 2018. Flight duration: 11 hours 55 minutes


Atlas Air N407KZ being loaded at the Edmonton International Airport on June 11, 2018. Possibly due to mechanical problems with the aircraft the horses were unloaded and returned to the feedlot. It eventually left on June 13, 2018. Flight duration: 10 hours 20 minutes.



All documents from this request can be viewed here). Please note all pages appear as received, with portions exempted under sections 19(1) of the Access to Information Act.

19(1) Subject to subsection (2), the head of a government institution shall refuse to disclose any record requested under this Act that contains personal information as defined in section 3 of the Privacy Act.


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