Confirmed: New Equine Information Document (EID) Under Development

As you may be aware, the Safe Food for Canadians Act came into force on Jan 15, 2019.  According to SUBDIVISION K Food Animal Information Documents and Document Keeping – Required documents, it appears horses who are to be slaughtered still require a document with the information copied below, similar to the EID. The EID information page on the CFIA’s website has been archived (but the form is still available for download on the CFIA forms page).  Because the original EID has been archived, this is indicative that there is a new EID under review/being designed.  This was confirmed when the CHDC contacted the government asking for clarification.  We received this response, and we are in the process of asking for more information from Minister MacAulay.

The Animal Information document for Equine – Refer to MHMOP Chapter 17 Annex E is currently under development and will be made available in the near future. In the interim, the guidance in the Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures may be used for reference, even if it appears as archived.”

As of now, the new regulations state:

165 (1) Before slaughtering a food animal that is an equine or a bird, the holder of a licence to slaughter must obtain, from the person who owned or had the possession, care or control of the food animal before its arrival at the establishment where it is intended to be slaughtered, documents that include;

(a) the name and contact information of the person who owned it and any person who had the possession, care or control of it immediately before its arrival at the establishment;

(b) the last location where it was raised or kept before its arrival at the establishment, including the address of the location, its code or the number that identifies it;

(c) the food animal’s identification number or any other information that identifies it;

(d) the name of any on-farm food safety program under which the food animal was raised or kept;

(h) in respect of the last 180 days of the life of an equine,

(i) the name of any disease or syndrome that was diagnosed or a description of any deviation from normal behaviour, physiology or appearance,

(ii) the names of any drugs and vaccines that were administered to the equine, as well as

(A) their Drug Identification Numbers, if any,

(B) their route of administration,

(C) the last date of their administration,

(D) the dosage that was administered, and

(E) the withdrawal period or, in the case of an extra-label drug administration, a copy of the prescription that was issued by a veterinarian and an attestation by a competent person or body with respect to the withdrawal period for that administration, and

(iii) the use of the equine. 

Please refer to the current version of the EID for comparison purposes:




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