New Letter From Ag. Minister Reveals Industry Funding for “Humane” Horse Slaughter Industry

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We received the following letter from Ainslie Willock, who recently wrote to the Honourable Carolyn Bennett and the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture.  This letter adheres to the standard formulaic response about horse slaughter being “humane” and an issue that the Government of Canada “takes very seriously.”  Also in this letter, the Minister of Agriculture provides some new, additional disclosures about the amount of money being provided to the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (evidently to be shared with the Canadian Animal Health Coalition) – $430,000.

These are not the first monies granted to the HWAC either.  If you weren’t already aware, the HWAC works to undermine the work and findings of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (see the gallery images at the bottom of the page for examples of “humane” transport, obtained via FOIA requests –  CAUTION – *disturbing images*).



“Dear Ms. Willock:

Thank you for your correspondence, which you co-addressed to my colleague the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations, regarding your concerns about the transport of live horses by air from Canada. I regret the delay in this response. As you may know, this topic is currently the subject of a judicial review application. Because this matter is before the Court, I respectfully must decline commenting on this issue at this time.

I am pleased to report, however, that the federal government has provided more than $430,000 in funding to develop and update the Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals during transport, and for the care and handling of equines in Canada. Beneficiaries of this funding include the Canadian Animal Health Coalition and the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada.

Support to further develop and update animal welfare and transportation codes is expected to continue though the AgriAssurance Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The Partnership is a five-year, $3‐billion investment by federal, provincial, and territorial governments to strengthen the agriculture, agri-food, and agri-based products sector. The AgriAssurance Program is a five-year, $74‐million program that provides funding to help industry develop and adopt systems, standards, and tools to support quality attributes, health, and safety claims about Canadian agricultural and agri-food products, including elements such as animal health and welfare and environmental sustainability.

All those involved in raising and handling animals have a duty to ensure that the animals in their care are treated humanely. This responsibility is shared among federal, provincial, and territorial governments; producers; industry organizations; and many others. A range of federal and provincial legislation is in place and grants regulatory authority for addressing the well-being of animals in Canada. Rest assured that the Government of Canada takes the issue of animal welfare very seriously.

Again, thank you for writing to share your views.”


Lawrence MacAulay, PC, MP

c.c.: The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, MD, PC, MP


Who’s Getting The Money?

“About Us. The CAHC was formed in 2002 following an early life as an informal coalition of organizations with an interest in animal health issues in Canadian flocks and herds.”

“Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada ensures the communication of correct information related to the Canadian horse industry to horse owners and the general public.”

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  1. Marnita Loose · ·

    Our horses have made our countries what they are today. From the sweat off their backs and the ones who didn’t make the journey across the wild west. Stoping the slaughter of our horses and wild horses is the very least we can do for them after all they have done for us. But ppl seem to forget what the equine animal itself, basically did for our country. They saved our people from dying while crossing the unknown land. Please stop killing our beloved horses.

  2. Ron Evans · ·

    Stop the horse slaughter, it’s time the government did something right for once. Remember happy public, happy government.

  3. I agree totally with Elinor Months letter to Lawrence MacAuley. You need to go there and see for yourselves whats going on; not just give some money and sweep the rest under the carpet and assume all is well. If you take animal welfare as seriously as you say you do, then I dare you to put your money where your mouth is. Most politicians dont.Surprize us all and actuallly do something; beg of you. These once regal and gallant creatures who fought along side our soldiers in the first war and have since given themselves so unselfishly to mans needs, certainly deserve a little more respect than what is now being given to them and their off-springs.Please do something, more than just words on paper.. Many thanks Mrs Linda Botbyl, Niagara Falls Ontario Ca.

  4. Difficult to insure humane handling when the horses are stockpiled in the U.S. for months before shipping to Canada. ‘. . . federal government has provided more than $430,000 in funding to develop and update the Codes of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals during transport, and for the care and handling of equines in Canada.’ Yes, that’s right, throw money at the issue and hope it goes away. We’ve done our job. We paid for updated equipment and probably a course for the manager….but the employees? Their job is ‘simple’. The integral parts of slaughter involve stress free humane handling. Competent execution to stun or kill an equine BEFORE they are hooked up to the chain for bleeding and skinning. I think these idiots think animals go peacefully to their deaths and just faint and die on the spot. Each one should spend a week (not together, but separately) overseeing ‘humane’ slaughter of horses.

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    I absolutely agree with the comments of Elinor Month! MacAuley has simply tapped into typical government mindless response. A trip to the slaughterhouse or simply watching undercover video of what occurs there should be minimal requirement for any real response!

  6. Letter to Lawrence MacAuley:I read your reply to Mrs. Willock regarding horse slaughter. It does not really say anything. The statement that all animal handlers have a duty to treat the animals humanely does nothing to make sure they do this. I would ask that you meet a shipment of slaughter horses arriving from a long distance, without advance notice to the shippers, and observe their condition. Find out from a reliable source how far they have come and how long they have been without food or water. Then spend an afternoon anonymously watching the slaughter process. Then you will know what you are talking about. There is no humane way to slaughter a horse.

    Yours truly
    Elinor Month
    Saint-Lazare, QC

    Copy to: C. Bennett MP, P. Schiefke MP

  7. Janice gagnon · ·

    Conflict of interest here for sure. We ALL KNOW this is NOT HUMANE. WE ALL know that there is BUTE and other ‘not for human’ consumption drugs in these horses systems. WE ALL know it is the greed of the government and your lobbyists that allow this BS to continue. Why do cattle have complete trackability and yet horses don’t? Why are horses allowed to be shipped in containers that do not meet current regulations with no penalty from CFIA?? Why do horses go without food and water above regulated times? Why does CFIA not enforce these mandated requirements?These are MY tax dollars you are appropriating to reward your friends. Canadas laws are apparently being loosened with regard to transport to further reward your friends.

  8. Linda Botbyl · ·

    this is so disgusting! Our government should really check more closely to see how or where their monies are spent.Send someone who cares to look in on how the horses are really being treated behind your backs! Dont just adopt an “out of sight–out of mind attitude” that is all to frequently being done with this government.

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