Feedlot video confirms young Belgian and Percheron horses in the Japan trade

The CHDC recently received footage from the Summerview feedlot in Alberta.  This video showed a large number of young Belgian and Percheron draft horses.  They are the breeds of choice for the Japanese market.  There have been rumours about young horses in this trade but we did not have concrete evidence until now.

As of December 5th, they were gone from the feedlot.


  1. Sharon Little · ·

    Japan does nothing humanely . The bottle nose dolphins go to a bay to breed , the men wade out and hit them in the blow hole that fills with blood and hey drown in their own blood . when they are done the bay is red .Whales they kill the baby is harpooned first because the parents won’t leave the baby , then the parents are harpooned. the whole pod is killed they get away with it by saying it is for research. So don’t think it would be any better for the horses .

  2. No this is not ok. We Americans are tired of our American wild and domestic equines being shipped to Canada and exported to Japan.
    A few days ago I sent emails to everyone of Canada’s Parliament of 335 members about the equines from the United Stated and Canada’s Equines that are being slaughter.
    I will not stand by and say or do nothing to stop this.

  3. Kelly Oneil · ·

    Pls help stop our beautiful horses going to feed lots and being shipped to Japan for meat . This is so cruel . Horses are not ment for eating . They’re such amazing animals. God never intended on people treating thm so unkind
    Pls help put at end to this sadness


    Very well done! Thank you Paula Leweke

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  5. jean robertson · ·

    Years ago, I read a comment on Bouvrys in the Western Producer that stated that young horses were slaughtered only after they reached 600 pounds.

  6. I wpuld imagine they fly fine…. no airline is going to risk unsafe conditions for them. they also would eat and drink fine…. in order to weigh the best at arrival.
    humane slaughter…. what is humane? pharmaceuticals… they r young so haven’t worked. they r being bred for meat sounds like…. now the question is…. do we want to b involved in this market?
    Basically they are being bred like beef 😦

    1. Kathleen Ryan · ·

      They do not fly fine. they are not fed and watered and it is a horrific way to die.

  7. Mary Jane McDowell · ·

    This is so so awful and heartbreaking to hear about — how can it be stopped??I am so ashamed of Canada’s pathetic animal welfare laws that apparently make this abominable practice legal.

  8. Marjorie Crystal · ·

    Is there some way to stop this? Are the horses being properly cared for during flight and post flight? How many casualties suing flight? Is the slaughter procedure in Japan done humanely? What about pharmaceuticals in the horses? Is this being tested for in each horse prior to use for consumption? All this can be halted if any of these questions are answered with a negative answer, albeit temporarily. Is there a lawyers representing this group/organization?

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