Call To Action – Petition to End The Tragedy Of Horse Blood Farms

In our November Newsletter,  the CHDC publicized the disturbing treatment of mares kept on horse blood farms in Argentina and Uruguay.  These farms collect blood from pregnant mares to supply the agricultural industry worldwide with a hormone that regulates and synchronizes the ovulation cycles of pigs, cattle and sheep.  This hormone is known as Pregnant Mare’s Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG), and its production is a multi-million dollar international business.

Numerous animal welfare violations have been identified on these blood farms:

  • Violent handling of mares during the blood extraction process
  • Installations and methods of restraint posing a high risk of injury
  • Emaciated and cachectic horses left unattended on vast pastures, as well as weak, dull, lethargic horses
  • Sick, injured and lame horses left untreated
  • No veterinary supervision or care observed
  • Horses dying on the pastures without euthanasia
  • Abortions carried out systematically
  • Insufficient or nonexistent hoof care
  • Lack of man-made shelter or dry resting area.

Horses who survive the repetitive cycle of impregnation, blood extraction, and abortion are so weakened that they are no longer able to become pregnant.  Such horses are either left to die in fields or are shipped to slaughter.

The tentacles of this gruesome industry have even reached Canada, one of many countries where the product is sold!  Please add your voice to a rising tide of opposition against this cruel practice.

We are therefore petitioning:

1) Mr. Greg Shewfelt,  President, Partnar Animal Health,, to stop importing PMSG from South America and to sell synthetic alternatives to PMSG instead.

2) Jean Szkotnicki, President, Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI),, to stop supporting the import of PMSG from South America and to support the sale of synthetic alternatives to PMSG instead.  Partnar Animal Health is a full member of CAHI.

3) The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association whom we encourage to take a leading position against the use of horses for the production of PMSG.


Call To Action:

Please sign the PETITION to these three decision-makers HERE.


Animal Welfare Foundation/Tierschutzbund Zurich has also produced this excellent video that provides more information on the cruelties of the horse blood trade in South America:


  1. America · ·


  2. Catherine James · ·

    So so tragic

  3. Judy Keenan · ·

    This really needs to stop! Horrific and heartbreaking! I’m so disgusted in all the governments that allow all of these horrific practices. Horse slaughter, pmu, farms and blood farms. Not that long ago a person would get hung for stealing a horse. Horses are a major part of our history and loving companions and hard working athletes. I despise the people who profit off the suffering of animals and the governments who condone and allow it. It’s disgusting and wrong on every level!

  4. This has to stop. This is inhumane to animals.

  5. Lisa Sherman Carney · ·

    This is 2018 no need for this to happen.

  6. Teresa Markmann · ·

    No ethics, no morals, just greed.

  7. Nicki Clarke · ·

    This has to end.

  8. Patricia Williams · ·

    ANOTHER WAY for humans to torture and abuse animals, in this case horses. Appalling!

  9. Sylvia Wilhelm · ·

    Terrible & cruel practice.

  10. Martha E. Mitchell · ·

    This is horrid and must end!!!

  11. H A Rus · ·

    I love animals this is why i am signing

  12. Bonnie Penn · ·

    We got to do everything we can to END THIS HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE FOR THESE POOR HORSES!!

  13. Sherrie Hendren · ·

    The reason the Safe Act is so important to me is because it’s inhumane to brutally murder innocent animals as they do the horses watching a Slaughter video will cause you to have nightmares the rest of your life these people are barbaric are poor horses loving creatures never would harm anyone and we’ve got the kill buyers that are making Bank off of a misfortune the whole thing is awful in the United States of America should be doing something about it we need to be the voice for our horses in our animals that suffer a horrible death by the hands of humans supposedly are they really humans I think they should be arrested this is a horrible crime that’s going on in Mexico and Canada and the Border should be shut down and our kill buyers well they dwindle and be gone and yes we have horses that would need homes but with rescues and people such as myself ready to Internet on the drop of a dime and volunteer all of our time to save their lives I’m sure they just be mighty fine and don’t get me going on the BLM they’re murderers also they need to be addressed for the crimes that they are doing to our wild horses I live in Nevada I can’t tell you how the people that come to visit get so much enjoyment out of seeing the wild horses along the way of their tour and then to want to step in and Kill Them All if you want to do something humane do gilding it’ll cut down on the population but for god sakes don’t kill him don’t kill any of them they don’t deserve it that’s why this is so important to me

  14. Karen Lee Dunn · ·

    This is horrifying.

  15. Pamela Cingano · ·

    I am done spending any kind of money in a country that practices and supports any form of animal cruelty.

  16. Dajaun Dowd Reddick · ·


  17. nansea94w · ·

    Thank you for generating this petition, and keeping us aware of this abomination. There are too many ways in which horses are exploited and tortured.


  19. Christine Guarnieri · ·

    This shows that many humans lack any morales and empathy. Do onto others as you would want others to do onto you!

  20. Kari tuck · ·

    This needs to stop!

  21. Sandra Siebert · ·

    This is absolutely deplorable.

  22. Disgusting, vile, cruel and humane!!!

    1. Inhumane!!! Not humane!

  23. Dorrie Miller · ·

    This is disgusting and needs to be stopped immediately!

  24. Karen Erickson-Adams · ·

    This is disgustingly inhumane treatment of horses. It has to stop!

  25. Louise Cassel · ·

    where do I sign the petition?

  26. Horses deserve better treatment. Inhumain and unnecessary

  27. Lourdes · ·

    Horses deserve better treatment. Stop this practice… Its Rediculous and stupid

  28. This is horrendous for these horses and must b stopped.

  29. Dolores Matthys · ·

    Big pharma is disgusting in so many ways including the collection of urine (for Premarin) and blood from horses, of course for profit.

  30. Claudia Miller · ·

    No animal deserves to be abused. Nothing but prisoners of greed.

  31. Janet Flanagan · ·


  32. Rosemary Robilliard · ·

    If you must take blood do it properly there is no need to be cruel to the horses

  33. This is cruel and inhumane

  34. Jacob Wicks · ·

    End the tragedy of horse blood farms NOW! This is horrible!

  35. jean robertson · ·

    The whole dirty business is about profit. As long as industrial, factory farms are allowed to operate and people continue to eat meat this ugly business will continue.

  36. Linda jones · ·

    This needs to stop Horses are part of our History.

  37. Patricia Currie · ·

    There is no end to the inhumane treatment of animals by humans. It is unforgivable. Criminal abuse by all who perpetrate this outrage at any stage of this ghastly cruel “process”.

  38. Such flagrantly inhumane and disgusting practices must be stoped and measures put in place to ensure animals are treated with dignity and respect.

  39. Magali fanchon · ·

    Stop this cruelty!!

  40. Elizabeth Pahl · ·

    Stop this horrific cruelty!

  41. Sue Sargent · ·

    Canada should have higher animal welfare standards than this. Stop supporting the suffering and torture of blood horses. Stop importing PMSG. We Canadians are better than this.

  42. Sue Sargent · ·

    Canada should have higher animal welfare standards than this. Stop supporting the suffering and torture of blood horses. Stop importing PMSG. We Canadians are better than this.

  43. gael tryles · ·

    This is the first time that I have ever heard of these ‘blood farms”! I rescued a mare that was purchased from a Canadian Premarin Farm. She was in terrible condition when she came from Canada. She had lice ( as the other horses that came from the same farm had also, she had hair loss, rain rot, she was thin and she had abcesses in 3 of her hooves) Our vet saw her the first day that she was here and he di d a little for her but wanted to come back in a couple of weeks ,when she was stronger ,to finish working on her. She responded to, being fed, grooming, farrier work, worming etc. Her hair grew back, the abcesses healed and her coat just shined. She was in her 20’s and she lived happily until she was ,humanely euthanized, by a veterinarian , many years later ,because she was dying of vaginal hemhorraging the day after Christmas. This CRUELTY to animals MUST be STOPPED. The practice that goes on at the blood farms is even worse (I think) than putting pregnant horses ‘on the urine collection line. I will sign the petitions and keep me up to date1 Thank you,in advance, for your consideration.

  44. Mimi Alonso · ·

    Uruguay & Argentina are barbarians. They should be ashamed of abusing innocent horses for the perverse reason of abusing Pigs also. I will boycott everything from their countries including Spain and Italy and so will my family and friends. This is going viral !! BAN THIS NOW AND RELEASE ALL OF THE HORSES TO SANCTUARIES NOW!!!!!

  45. Malcolm Meyerowitz · ·

    Please stop using horses for profit in this cruel practice.
    I am not a bible puncher but I know that of all His creatures that He created, God is very fond of the horse.
    I have 75 horses on my farm and I know He watches how I treat them. So be weary of your punishment that awaits you…..

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