October 12th Bouvry Protest Update

On Friday, October 12th, horse advocates held a protest at the Bouvry horse slaughter plant just outside of Fort Macleod.

Even though the weather was unfavourable, a small number of dedicated anti-slaughter supporters were able to attend and get the message out!  Through 120 kph winds, they stood their ground, holding placards high with pride.

The group reports that they did get quite a few supportive honks & waves (along with the occasional gesture from slaughterhouse workers that was not so positive!)  CHDC would like to thank the brave participants for taking a stand for the horses under harsh weather conditions.


  1. Dina Dargo · ·

    Thank you for standing up against horse slaughter! Here in the USA, we are working hard to pass the SAFE act to ban transport to Canadian/Mexican slaughterhouses. Good to know we are working towards a common goal of doing what is right for the horses and the community!

  2. Anne Streeter · ·

    Yes. Congratulations! Thanks so much. Wish I could be there with you!

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