Agriculture Canada Keeping Canadians In The Dark By Blocking Horse Slaughter Stats

We have received word from Agriculture Canada that they are no longer able to publish/share Canadian horse slaughter numbers given the consolidation that has taken place in Canada in 2017, in terms of the number of establishments slaughtering horses.

To clarify: we know that the remaining federally inspected ‘establishments’ (equine slaughterhouses that are functional at this time) are owned by the Bouvry family, who run Bouvry Exports in Alberta and Viandes Richelieu in Quebec. In other words, it appears that to publish information about Canadian horse slaughter numbers would be to reveal how many horses are being slaughtered by this family-run business, operating out of two locations.

That information is therefore confidential and classified and is not being released to citizens who request it.


  1. Dale Laliberte · ·

    I know a person that breeds every year- her precious paints. If her babies do not sell at the auctions, they go for slaughter. She doesn’t care long as she is making money. Every year all her mares are bred. They- the breeders should be fined every time they take a horse or baby to the auction. There should be laws about over breeding. This is why we need a place to dump off the unwanted horses.
    Turning to dog rescue I had suggested that they not allow the puppies that come from every dog in their care, be with the mother so that when she has them, and they are still in the sack, put them aside. Would help with overpopulation of dogs and cats for that matter. They got mad and banned me from the site. They are the reason for the overpopulation of animals.

  2. Pew, its getting worse the deceipt of the governments.

  3. mattie goodwin · ·

    stop all american and canadian slaughter!

  4. That doesn’t make any sense at all.I’m assuming the source for those numbers is the CFIA? If so, are they saying the same thing?

  5. Aren’t public resources used to inspect or grade the meat; check the humane conditions; etc? Those funds give you taxpayers the right to know how well they are doing their job. Transparency is important.

  6. Vicky · ·

    How do we fight this lack of transparency with for-profit cruelty? Can this be obtained through freedom of information requests? Doesn’t this “data protection” now allow this “family” free reign on cruelty??

    This government has broken every one of its promises! Why the anti-slaughter bills did not pass with Harper’s government was obvious as cruelty was everywhere. But the liberals duped up by voting with us, then getting into power and doing nothing to help horses or anyone else unless it’s profitable (which is never kind to animals of any kind).

    Shame on you PM Trudeau and the Liberals! Shame on you for continuing the cruelty!

  7. Mary Croft · ·

    Canada is becoming a police state, undemocratic.

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