Korean Air Flight With Slaughterbound Horses Makes Sudden Return to Edmonton; Airport Staff Continue To Try To Obstruct

Courtesy of Voice for Animals in Edmonton, we’d like to share more photographs of a live horse shipment, this time involving a botched Korean Air flight scheduled for May 9, 2018.  Due to alleged mechanical difficulty, the aircraft was forced to return to Edmonton two and a half hours after take off.  The horses were off-loaded, sent back to a feedlot, and likely departed on another flight to Kansai, Japan, two days later.

This is what the photographer had to report about the May 9th experience:

“The police and security have obviously been informed by the airport that it is legal for us to take photos from public property and allowed us to, but still harassed us by shining their vehicle’s bright lights at us. The shippers parked vehicles in strategic positions to stop us from seeing inside the building where they transfer the horses from the trucks into the shipping crates.”

The photos we are posting show the vehicles parked in ways that appear to block visibility.  You will also see the tip of a horse’s ear breaching the crate ceiling – a violation of the Health of Animals Regulations, which states that the horse’s head must not come into contact with the top of the crate.

Further, we are left wondering about the horses’ stress levels as they were submitted to the rigours of an aborted flight before being loaded into crates once again and leaving on the final long journey to Japan, where slaughter awaited them.

It is our view that this industry is not only inhumane, but is being illegally conducted as far as the Health of Animals Regulations are concerned.  Violations of the regulations are occurring regularly with the blessing of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

If you agree that these indefensible practices should end, please contact your Member of Parliament to voice your concerns.


  1. andre lee · ·

    Why don’t they eat there own fucking horses. Why do we have to put these poor horses through hell. Oh yeah.. they eat pet dogs and cats too..why would they care..

  2. andre lee · ·

    sick…I am lost for words. Probably a good thing because I would say too much towards the people and airline involved.

  3. Elaine Brandt · ·

    ALL CANADIAN AIRPORTS AND AIRLINES..Please stop allowing our horses to be sent to be crully slaughtered and held in inhumane conditions. This violates every yenet of humane care and conditions protecting any animals. Get some backbone and stop.perpetuati.g these inhumane flights to a vruel.desth. Some are children’s pets…please reco.sider.

  4. Ane Streeter · ·

    Absolutely everything is wrong about this dreadful business. What is wrong with Canada that allows such cruelty!

  5. Letter to my MP sent. This is a disgrace. Canada is becoming a cesspool of greed with foreign countries taking full advantage. Disgusting and shameful.

  6. Kim leone · ·

    This is to horrific for words!!!!! When will people take a stand against Barbaric practices???? Horses are gentle companion animals!!!!

  7. Tell us who to write.

  8. Brigit Paul · ·

    We need to stop over breeding horses. Dry up the supply of horses. Horse slaughter is disgusting.

    1. That’s true for many animals.

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