MP Alexandra Mendès – Long Term Advocate For Improving Transport Regulations

MP Alexandra Mendès (Liberal MP for the riding of Brossard-Saint Lambert, Quebec) stood in the House of Commons to draw attention to one transport hauler for upgrading their transports to ease the trauma to livestock being transported over long distances.

Mme Mendès has been active in her role to upgrade Canada’s archaic transport laws for almost a decade. In October, 2009, she introduced a private member’s bill, Bill C-468, asking for significant changes to the Health of Animals Regulations which aimed to reduce transport times for farm animals. You can read the context here.

Although the bill was reinstated in March 2010 after former PM Stephen Harper prorogued parliament in December of 2009, unfortunately, the bill did not make it into second reading after the government dissolved and a new election was called in the spring of 2011.

On March 21, Humane Society International – Canada, along with other animal protection groups and veterinarians including the CHDC, sent a joint letter to Hon. Lawrence MacAulay, Agriculture Minister, to release the amendments to the transportation upgrades they have been working on since releasing the draft amendments in December of 2016.

Canada’s transportation regulations have not been updated in over forty years.

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