New Footage of Live Horse Shipments to Japan Via Edmonton And Winnipeg Airports


Since September 2017,  the CHDC has received a large number of  still and video images from Alberta feedlots and airports in Edmonton and Winnipeg showing the gentle draft horses who are caught up in the live shipments for the slaughter trade. 

We’ve compiled a video capturing many of these images, which are being made public for the first time.  We believe that most of these horses originate through the many breeders in the Mid-West United States as well as PMU farms,  where drafts and draft-crosses are the predominant horse breeds used in that industry. It’s also very likely that many were former driving horses from the Amish and Mennonite communities,  as we have observed what appear to be docked tails in some of the horses.  From the video evidence you will see, several of these large horses still do not have full headroom in these crates. 

In 2016 there were 5,839 draft horses shipped to Japan for slaughter.  In 2017 that number dropped to 4,846.   Certainly we hope that between the efforts of the Canadian and Japanese advocates,  it will one day be 0. 

Credit for many of the video images and photographs is made to Voice for Animals 

Please read more on the live horse trade to Japan here.

For more information on transport regulations,  please refer to this document outlining IATA regulations.




  1. June Delitsikos · ·

    i have always been proud to be Canadian I once believed that we stood up for what was in just I thought we cared for our own I thought we helped those in need, when we could. Seems like our powers that be have turned a blind eye on the Cruel inhumaine treatment of OUR horses. What does it take to make the government stop this? Make us proud again Do the right thing Stop sending our horses to slaughter

  2. Lois M · ·

    This is so heartbreaking, something must be done to stop this! I realize different cultures view food differently, however, do not import live horses for human consumption!
    This whole process is barbaric! With so many rescue organizations there’s no reason any horse needs to be surrendered for slaughter, although I know it’s a money business…. but it must STOP!

  3. Jean M. Oakes · ·

    How long are these flights? I would guess way too long for an animal the size of a draft horse to be squeezed into a damn box. Try squeezing yourself in one of these.

  4. Elisabeth Ekberg · ·

    Stop it right now! ! !

    1. staffordmotion · ·

      SIMPLY DISGUSTING! I am so frustrated after years of constantly sharing petitions, calling Congressmen, signing all letters to every level of government and on and on! With so many people in North America who love horses why are we not making better progress?? Of course in Canada the Federal and a few Provincial governments are absolutely hopeless/useless! I am just so sad but at least there is progress in America even if it is slow.
      Howard Alexander Stafford

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