Healthy Draft Mare Left for Meat at Auction Due to “Bad Feet”


These photos depict a draft mare left at the Kawartha Lakes Community Sales Barn in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario on Saturday March 10th.  As you can see,  her feet are in need of farrier care.  The owner of this mare was adamant that she go for meat due to her “terrible feet,”  which appear to be due to chronic neglect.

We are aware that a kill buyer did not ultimately purchase this mare,  but we don’t know who purchased her, nor do we know their intentions.  She may not be safe.

We hope to draw attention to the callous and superficial nature of some owners who would rather neglect a horse than pay for farrier care,  and then try to discourage an interested private home from purchasing her and taking proper care of her feet.  This owner intended to extract every possible dollar from the body of a horse that should have received better care.




  1. BETSY WILSON · · Reply


  2. If an animal comes in to an auction mart and it’s obvious the animal has been abused or neglected, the auction staff should be alerting the SPCA, providing the details including the name of the owner.

  3. Ane Streeter · · Reply

    This is so unacceptable and so sad…..

  4. Debra Little · · Reply

    This is so cruel . Every horse requires proper care and love. Our animal
    abuse laws for livestock are a joke. I pray whoever purchase this draft
    mare gave her a second chance and provided proper farrier care.

  5. Lilanne Valiquette · · Reply

    Please keep looking for that hearhless person that neglect this nice horse . Thanks

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