Final 2017 Canadian Horse Slaughter Numbers Show Substantial Decline Over 2016

For once horse supporters have something to cheer about. The final statistics for 2017 show a dramatic decline in the number of horses slaughtered in Canada.

Overall, the number of horses killed in Canadian slaughter houses is down by 38%, a substantial number.

Even the number of draft horses shipped to Japan for slaughter has decreased somewhat by 18% over 2016.

We are also very pleased to be informed by Agriculture-Canada, that, according to their statistics, Les Viandes de la Petite Nation (LPN) a slaughterhouse in Quebec, has not slaughtered any horses since April 2017.

With the cessation of horse slaughter at LPN and the new regulation from the European Union stating that horses for slaughter must reside in the country of slaughter for six months, a number of US kill buyers have been forced to find other outlets for horses they purchase at auctions. Several have set up broker programs on various social media. They still buy and sell horses but mostly not to slaughter.

As always, the CHDC will continue to work towards a complete ban on horse slaughter in Canada.

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  1. Margaret · ·

    Finally somthing is happening that’s good I don’t like horse slaughter anywhere in this world I at least saved one that used to belong to me my daughter found her on the Internet we saved her she is now safe and at home with us she’s older now and we don’t ride her we just love her she’s forever home I’ll never let her go again horse slaughter is wrong horses deserve a good life of love and care even if we don’t ride them we can love them and protect them i care for the love of the horse may this horse slaughter be stopped for good for the love of horses

  2. Anne Streeter · ·

    Yes – any reduction is worth cheering about.


  3. Excellent news! Finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Kill Buyers are now charging ridiculous rescue prices by playing on the emotions of people. But at least there is a reprise for horses.

  4. Liz Innes · ·

    I am praying that the tide is turning and that all horse slaughter will come to a stop in Canada very soon.

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