Fundraiser for Paradise Stable Horse Rescue

Courtesy Post – Fundraiser for Lawrence Harasym of Paradise Stable Horse Rescue

Lawrence Harasym has dedicated his life to advocating for the underdog and has worked hard to provide and fight for the animals and children that are unwanted or in need. Lawrence is the proud owner of Saskatoon’s horse rescue, Paradise Stable Horse Rescue. He has worked for over 15 years to provide homes to broken horses and/or horses destined for slaughter. With the goal of saving one horse at a time, Lawrence has invested countless hours and substantial amounts of money to saving not only horses but also the many other animals at the rescue. Many dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, etc. owe their life to the kind hearts of Lawrence and his wife.

In January,  Mr. Harasym was diagnosed with byphenotypic leukemia which is a rare and high risk leukemia.  The diagnosis has put Mr. Harasym and his wife into financial strain.  Mr. Harasym will be unable to work during this period and his wife has also been off work to help support him at the hospital in this time of need and comfort.

A Gofundme appeal is being launched to help pay for transportation, caretaking and general living expenses during the course of this process.  The funds will also help provide for the rescue and the horses to cover their expenses.

Your financial support will alleviate the stress of what is happening at home and at the rescue and, while in the hospital, and will allow Lawrence to focus on his fight and his recovery. There is still a long journey ahead.  No donation is too small.

If you would like to contribute to the Gofundme, please click the link here.  Thank You!

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