CHDC Releases Freedom of Information Documents on Rejected Slaughter Loads and Kurtenbach Livestock LLC

The following documents are for rejected loads of horses designated for slaughter from the U.S. for a specific time period, June 8-20, 2015.  Three of the rejected loads were enroute to the Bouvry (Bouvry Exports) slaughter plant in Alberta, one enroute to the Bouvry plant in Quebec (Viande Richelieu) and the fifth to Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation, also in Quebec.

The second ATI is a document obtained from the U.S. under their equivalent system, the United States Freedom of Information Act.  We specifically wanted to hone in on a load that was turned back on June 17, 2015 consigned by Kurtenbach Livestock, Iowa due to a non ambulatory horse.





  1. Something I want to add is the fact that Canada may in the process of stopping all horses being shipped to Canada for slaughter from the US because we don’t have any type of paperwork that follows a horses from birth to death that has listed all vet drugs that the animal was going over the course of its life. That is what the EU demands, so if they are refusing to allow horse meat shipped to their countries without proof that may be what has brought this on. Lets hope they keep on rejecting them.

    1. Pam Walters · ·

      Let’s hope they reject all of them..

  2. I will bet that Canada may be rejecting most of the loads of horses from the US because of illness, injuries which they didn’t used to do. Something has sure changed, another thing too may be that a lot of these kill buyers have been caught signing off on the horses as the owner when they had just picked them up at a feed lot or bought them at auction an didn’t know a thing about them or what diseases they may have been exposed to. All of the horses at feed lots in the US come from auctions so the kill buyers that buy the horses know no more about the horses than than anyone else. It is well known that the kill buyers sign off at the bottom of the bill of sale that the load of horses has never taken vet drugs which is something that they could have not known.

  3. Judy Tincher · ·

    That was in 2015?? why so long to get it, I know paperwork can be slow, This was needed for us to fight with you against the horses being sent to Canada for Slaugher.. Thank you for posting.

    1. The reason for the delay is that this ATI request came out of the results of another request. When these ATI responses are received they’re closely examined and usually lead to further questions which creates another ATI.

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