British Columbia Notary Public And CHDC Supporter Featured With Her Horses In “The Scrivener”

Notary Public Patti Thomson’s article about adopting and later training 3 horses from the Dawson Creek auction has been published in the winter 2017 edition of The Scrivener magazine for the Society of Notaries Public in British Columbia.  As range horses, Patti’s  mare, foal,  and another in utero,  were very much at risk of being slaughtered had she not purchased them at the auction.

You can read the full article, under the heading “Wonderful Women in BC,” here

Publishing personal stories and anecdotes in professional membership publications is a great way to communicate information to non-horse people about the plight of horses who are at risk of slaughter in Canada.  Many professional associations put a high priority on service to their local communities, are involved in fundraising and social service, and may be active in youth sports and recreation,  which are great ways to encourage riding and responsible ownership.

Thank you for all you do Patti!

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  1. Ane Streeter · ·

    Wonderful story – beautiful horses!!

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