Canadian Government Gives $83,200 Grant To Pro-Slaughter Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recently provided a grant to the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada in the amount of $83,200.  This grant is for the stated purpose of enhancing “the competitiveness of the agriculture industry [in this case, horse meat] by meeting buyer and market demands for assurance. The stream supports developing national assurance systems or standards for food safety, animal and plant health, market attribute/quality and traceability.”  You can read more about the Agri-Marketing Program – Assurance Systems Streams here.

Horse slaughter front group HWAC’s webpage shows relatively little activity,  but recently they went to Ottawa to discuss traceability issues with Equestrian Canada.

If you disagree with the government’s decision to fund groups whose goals are  in conflict with what most Canadians want for horses,  please contact your MP.



  1. Kathleen Kennedy · ·

    Omgosh, between the US & Canada & Mexico things are beyond horrible! Such an amazing horrific disgrace to the innocent horses, donkeys & burros that are slaughtered! Not to mention Trump’s budget cuts to Slaughter all the wild horses in holding pens. BLM still doing round-ups currently? I feel very ashamed right now with our country’s prioritys. Shame on the USA & CANADA for not caring about horses!

  2. I live in the US an I was sent a newsletter yesterday that the law that went into effect about 6 months ago that all horses from the US would have to be put in feed lots for 6 months before they could be killed. The reason for this is to try to remove any of the Vet drugs that the horses might have been given. In the US there is no law that says horses cannot be given any drug that a owner or a vet thinks it might need. Horses in the US are not raised for food at all. Its well known that the kill buyers do not know if any horse they have bought at a auction is Bute free this is a drug that if ingested can have all kinds of effects on a persons health . The kill buyers sign the bills of sale claiming the horses they are delivering have not been given any vet drugs which is a lie. it seems that the 6 month holding period is having a bad effect on the slaughter plants as some have already went out of business with another just holding on this organization that has gone to Canada many times have also seen at one slaughter plant only 2 trucks from the US was all that came across the border from the US an unloaded the horses directly into the slaughter plant instead of taking them to a holding pen which is what they are supposed to do. They have the photos to prove it. this web address will take you to the article so you can read it I hope this still works. This information is from

  3. Very disappointing to see as we have reached out to the alliance more than once to show our traceability system we provide ! No answer ever …. we are operating, set up and ready to help fix the equine traceability issue worldwide yet no one will Respond ? It is very frustrating. We didn’t ask for a penny , let alone that kind of money !! Interesting situation . FYI can fix it for WAY less 😉

  4. Letter to my MP sent.

  5. Horses, like dogs and other animals, should not be slaughtered. Period. It is unconscionable that a fund would be allocated to this horrific plan.

  6. Ane Streeter · ·

    This is an unexpected shocker! Not only should we write to our MPs, we should copy the Minister of Agriculture and the Prime Minister! This is a Liberal Party give away! SHAME!

  7. Carol Gabel · ·

    Is there a form letter already created that we can get our main points to our MPS?

    On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 8:50 PM, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog wrote:

    > canadianhorsedefencecoalition posted: “Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada > recently provided a grant to the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada in the > amount of $83,200. This grant is for the stated purpose of enhancing “the > competitiveness of the agriculture industry [in this case, horse meat] by ” >

    1. No there isn’t Carol. You can write from the heart, or ask to meet with your MP.

  8. Fern Weipert · ·

    This government never ceases to disgust me, giving a grant for $83000.00+ is totally disgusting, we are trying to fight the cruelty that happens in the horse slaughter industry, I expect you as MP to pressure the government to stop these disgraceful horse slaughter houses!!!

  9. Debra Little · ·

    OMG !! This is outrageous!! Horses are not raised for Slaughter!! Canadians are AGAINST Slaughter of domestic and wild horses , donkeys and burros !!! The Noble Horse has helped mankind over the years with providing transportation to settle new lands…in Wars…etc.
    I Urge everyone to contact their MP to STOP this !!!

  10. How do we help from the US? Why would they NOT listen to us? We do NOT want horses slaughtered if they are NOT specifically raised for slaughter. Don’t want horse slaughter at all – but we have to first protect our family horses. Whoever writes to your MP, please tell them that Americans are against shipping horses into Canadian, but it is only lax political control over our wishes that allows it. LISTEN to us!

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