Atlas Air Hard Landing

This clip from a video on YouTube shows a hard landing of an Atlas Air Cargo 747.

This aircraft did not have horses on it but how would the horses in the crates react to this landing?

How would this impact horses who are already overweight, having their weight slammed down onto their legs?

If one horse is already down in the crate, which we have seen happens, this would certainly agitate the others crammed in the crate as well if they are forced to step on their fallen companion.




  1. Tove Reece · ·

    Truly frightening. It is sickening to imagine what would have happened to the horses if they had been on board. This unacceptable and cruel practice must be stopped.

  2. Ane Streeter · ·

    Absolutely unacceptable! There is nothing right about this operation- with or without a rough landing!

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