Special Announcement – Introducing The Marie Dean Horse Protection Initiatives Canada, A Registered Charity

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you the Marie Dean Horse Protection Initiatives Canada, a charity within the definition of the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency.  As a registered charity, the MDHPIC is able to issue “official donation receipts” for donations made for Canadians and their horses (donations and receipts are processed by Canada Helps).

We came to know Marie through an Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society horse show several years ago.  Marie stood out right away as a true horse lover and protector.  She was fearless and tenacious in her dedication for our horses and we were most thankful to have her as a supporter and CHDC Board member.  Here, in her own words from December 2013, Marie bravely wrote, “ A Cancer Patient’s Wish:”

“When my mother died many years ago from Cancer I began my journey to find the horse and find where my purpose was in this life with the horse.  I found myself at school taking a horse management course; I found myself working for a horse veterinarian; I found myself working to help the Standardbred horse.  The Standardbred horse being the most vulnerable of all horses here in Ontario at risk for slaughter; the horse more often purchased by kill buyers at one of the largest horse meat auctions the Ontario Livestock Exchange in Kitchener.  But when I found myself with the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition I found my home. ” 

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition provides perpetual care for Marie’s horse Candy, who is retired and lives on a farm in Kawartha Lakes.

Prior to her passing away in April 2015, Marie bequeathed a portion of her estate to the establishment of a charity to benefit horses. MDHPIC became that charity. The MDHPIC will take an active role in helping qualified horse owners keep their horses at home while aiming to increase knowledge and understanding of responsible horsemanship through education and financial assistance. While it is always important to follow the advice of your veterinarian and farrier, it is also equally important to be as knowledgeable as one can be about horse care. Unfortunately, some of the most worrying cases of horse neglect start with a basic lack of knowledge.

One of our goals at MDHPIC is to assist horse owners with developing their knowledge and skills to help them avoid horse health problems.  Here you will find a variety of resources – in future we will be expanding our knowledge base of articles available to the horse owner. Dedicated, unpaid volunteers do all the work of MDHPIC in their spare time, and the horses and their humans are the benefactors;  100% of your donation (less some administration and filing fees) goes directly to providing aid to qualified horse owners in Canada.

How can we help horses and their owners?  Please explore our website to determine how to qualify for financial relief.  We review each application to assess whether it meets our criteria and how we can best be of help. Subsidized funding is available for the following services, as funds permit:

  • Veterinary services  – Subsidization amount to be determined on a case-to-case basis (maximum amount of funding not to exceed $250 per year)
  • Gelding assistance  – Up to $100 subsidization per horse, per year
  • Euthanasia assistance  – Up to $100 subsidization per horse, per year
  • Farrier services  – 50% Up to $50 subsidization per horse, per year
  • Adoption rebates  – Up to $50 subsidization per horse, per year (for new or existing horse owners)

We are able to help horse owners because of the generosity of Marie Dean, who created this vision through a bequest. You too can support horses at risk by making a tax-deductible donation to MDHPIC.  It’s only through the generosity of donors that MDHPIC can have a meaningful impact tomorrow and beyond.  We have an exciting future planned!

Your donation can make all the difference in preventing:

  • untreated injuries and other neglected health issues
  • unwanted breeding
  • a poor re-homing experience
  • horse abandonment
  • sale at an auction where the horse might be bought with the intention of being shipped for  slaughter

$10  – can buy a bale of hay *
$50 – can pay for farrier care *
$300 – can pay pay for gelding a stallion *
$200 – can pay to have a horse humanely euthanized *
$ any amount is always welcome for emergency vet care

*approximate costs which vary across Canada

Donate with confidence – You may make a tax-deductable donation securely via Canada Helps.  If you wish, you may also make a tax-deductible donation by cheque or money order by mailing us:

P.O. Box 21071,
150 First St.
Orangeville, ON
L9W 4S7

Please review our  Terms of Service and Privacy Policy



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