KML Meat Processors Shut Down Yet Again; Company Removed From CFIA List of Licensed Slaughterhouses

On July 18th the CFIA announced that they had suspended KML Meat Processors,  “due to the company’s inability to design, implement and maintain acceptable written prerequisite programs and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system, as required by the Meat Inspection Act and Regulations, 1990.”  The CFIA goes on to assure readers that “there are no food safety issues associated with this suspension.”

Previously,  the slaughterhouse was shut down in December 2016 for this same reason.   The suspension was lifted on January 11, 2017 and KML was allowed to resume operations under the supervision of the CFIA.    KML Meat Processors also had a beef recall in June of 2016 due to e-coli concerns.

This suspension was followed by yet another suspension in March 2017, shutting them down for ineffective stunning of animals.

This latest suspension will be permanent until and unless the company meets the requirements set out by the CFIA. The company has been removed from the CFIA’s list of federally licensed equine slaughterhouses.



  1. Ane Streeter · ·

    There should be no more reprieves for this plant!! It should be shut down permanently – as should all of the others!

  2. Sarah Jane West .Victoria BC · ·

    You will be pleased to know Barbara that just 2-3 days ago the efforts to revive horse slaughter in the US was squashed permanently.Horse slaughter will not be reinstated

    I wish that were the case in Canada this slaughter house KML ha been secretly video taped for-their brutal and horrendous cruelty There seems to be a “rule” that exists in all slaughterhouse and is is this

    “You are going to kill then anyway so how you treat animals beforehand doesn’t matter!”

    This attitude and the desensitization to slaughtering animals is the only mechanism that keeps slaughter house in business. Workers for the most part are forced to just shut down when in the acts of killing and do suffer serious post traumatic stress They often relatively little education and cannot get other work and I do have a certain degree of empathy for them

    However there are the brutal breed of men who really enjoy the killing and most often show horrific gratuitous violence to the animals they kill

    In their own lives they have unsuccessful family lives and relationships They are drawn to this killing as a way of venting anger and rage at society in general. They are most often narcissistic, sadistic and passive aggressive personalities ,who seek out ways to inflict pain and suffering on beings who are “powerless ” as it makes them feel good and gives them a rush

    Many of the Canadian Food inspection Agency officers are also desensitized to this violence and allow it go unchecked,so a kind of silent ” government” permission permeates this violence!

    Slaughter house business owners often turn a blind eye,as they figure the government is taking care of the killing being done within the guidelines.

    CFIA whose rules are virtually impotent and allow piglets’s testicles to be ripped out ( by hand) with no anesthetic and piglets to be killed by slamming their bodies into the concrete floor These are just two of the so called ” acceptable industry practices” There are countless others equally as brutal

    These practices are an”open invitation” for slaughter house workers to cruelly abuse animals further and add their own kind of gratuitous violence

    Its a vicious circle and the Government of Canada are an outright ” accomplice” in the slaughterhouse violence and abject cruelty ! Until they are taken to task on this in a big and VERY PUBLIC way…it will continue and it breaks my heart

    1. When was KML video-taped?

  3. Lori Klugman · ·

    Horse slaughter should absolutely be illegal.

  4. I hope that all of the slaughter plants that kill horses are eventually shut down, there are politicians here in the US that are trying to pass laws that will start horse slaughter plants in the US again I doubt that they will be able to pass something like that there are to many politicians on the horses side.

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