Book Recommendation – Ethics, A Human Condition – Georges Dupras

(Artwork on the cover by Shelly Hawley-Yan, board member, Animal Alliance of Canada)

For over 45 years, Georges Dupras has worked tirelessly to promote animal advocacy and environmental protection in Canada.  The CHDC would like to recommend his latest book Ethics, A Human Condition:  Animal Rights, Human Rights, Environmentalism, “Beyond the Rhetoric.” 

Mr. Dupras, a resident of Quebec, is also a director of the Animal Alliance of Canada.  His book is available in Kindle format (CDN $4.99) at

If you prefer a print copy, please email the CHDC at and we will forward your request onward.  There will be a small donation of $10.00 (made payable to the Animal Alliance of Canada) to cover postal costs.

Below are two recommendations from two equally passionate advocates:

“Georges’ latest book, entitled Ethics, a Human Condition, is about the inextricable link between human rights, animal rights and the environment. It talks about how humans are spiritual beings seeking a moral compass, and how present-day lifestyles impact the soul. It demonstrates how corporate and political pragmatism dictate our priorities and how they have become the dogma in a world of rationalized behaviour.

It further suggests that corporate values are eroding family values, and that technology is subverting our social skills. This is a must-read for those seeking a better understanding of why our present course fails the millions of people suffering from famine. It looks at agricultural animals reduced to simple commodities, at loss of wildlife and habitat — managed or miss-managed in the interest of a select few. The book also speaks of heroes living within our societies; people working quietly, below the noise and political rhetoric. It offers hope, by suggesting deliberate and thoughtful alternatives that exclude no one. Anyone struggling to achieve “balance”, when weighing environmentalism with corporate pragmatism, will see their reflection within these pages.”

– Anne K. Streeter, Director, Animal Alliance of Canada

“Sometimes there appears to be a very fine line between “use” and “abuse” of non-human beings, but how to achieve a change for the better when our moral pathways have ben pre-ordained by a system locked in pragmatism?

Georges probes into the meaning of being human.  Just as our deeper relationships with one another are not usually defined by superficiality but by the efforts that we put into them, similarly we ought to extend the same respect and consideration to other species and the natural spaces we share with them.  After all, how can understanding and compassion be wrong?  We must practice principles of responsible stewardship, and that includes being sensitive to the needs of others.

He’s not saying that we shouldn’t grow economically.  He is suggesting that, in so doing, we do not give up the gift that humankind has been granted – that innate ability to contribute to a better world.  It’s in our hands to help; it’s in our hearts to care.”

– Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition





  1. staffordmotion · ·

    Sounds like a fascinating book that I will look forward to reading. Thanks for the info.

  2. staffordmotion · ·

    Sounds like a fascinating book. Must read as soon as I can. Thanks for the info.

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