After A History Of Serious Issues, KML Meat Processors Temporarily Shut Down For Ineffective Stunning Of Animals

Photo Credit: Kamloops Daily News – photographer Hugo Yuen

Horse slaughter plant, KML Meat Processors Ltd. in Westwold, B.C., has certainly experienced its share of problems in the last few years.  Most recently,  it has had its licence to operate suspended effective March 23, 2017. The suspension was related to the ineffective stunning of slaughter animals prior to slaughter.

On March 29, 2017, the plant’s licence was reinstated and allowed to resume operations “under ongoing inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).”

The smaller of the Canadian horse slaughter plants also had its licence suspended on December 13, 2016 due to its failure to “effectively maintain and implement a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program as required by the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990.” The suspension was lifted on January 11, 2017 and allowed to resume operations under the watchful eye of the CFIA.  Previous to that event, KML Meat Processors also had a beef recall in June of 2016 due to e-coli concerns.

The plant, roughly an hour’s drive east of Kamloops, B.C, figured in the October, 2013 horse protest that garnered significant press:

Report in Times Colonist

Coverage in Kamloops News

Article in The Globe and Mail

It appears that the plant has also changed ownership and may now be owned by a company in the Far East.

KML Meat Processors are licenced to slaughter cattle, horses and ‘other’ red meats and are licenced to export to Hong Kong as well as the European Union and Switzerland.


  1. Robert · ·

    KML no longer has a licence to slaughter horses. We are under new ownership and our business direction has changed. KML is currently only producing beef and bison products for domestic and export use. KML has no intention to again slaughter horses. The CFAI website has not been updated to reflect this change but, the management assures that horses will no longer be accepted for slaughter. Also KML did NOT have a recall related to listeria.

  2. Brigit Paul · ·

    They bought the slaughter plant, they have their own airplanes to ship the horses. It is so tragic.
    what next.

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    How many times can this operation be cited for irregularities before it is shut down permanently!

  4. Pam E · ·

    Why am I not feeling any better to know that the CFIA supposedly oversaw operations at this plant? Just like they make sure all horses are drug-free and in the hands of their “owner” kill-buyers for 6 months before slaughter. Totally agree with Sandra, Canada has become a horror story for horses and other animals. Instead of progressing we seem to be regressing into the stone-ages when it comes to humane or ethical treatment of animals or the environment. Have to agree with Farley Mowat on this, humans are a bad species, and the quicker we destroy ourselves, the better for the rest of the inhabitants of the earth. The few humans that want to be respectful and fair to our fellow earthlings are so outnumbered, the situation seems hopeless. And still people want to keep overpopulating far beyond the capacity for the planet to support. The sad thing is that the number of horses saved by this plant shutting down will likely be more than made up for by increased killing in Alberta, or more live shipments to Japan. Our present government seems no better than the last, despite their claims of progressive change. I really despair for the horses, and am glad I won’t be alive much longer to know of their fate.

  5. Sandra Strong · ·

    It disgusts me that Canada participates in the slaughter of Horses! Even the United States does not! It is an embarrassment and turns my stomach !! To think that animals were slaughtered alive! How horrific!!! And now you say it is owner by people from the Middle East!!! Surprise, surprise!! They will be stealing animals out of our own pastures next! And what??? Are you going to say that is THEIR TRADITION, TOO! Canada is quickly sliding into the gutters of Hell. It is becoming harder and harder to be Proud of what was once, The True North Strong and Free! And safe!

  6. The more I see countries like Hong Kong , the EU and Switzerland getting horse meat from Canada the more I feel that there is no hope of shutting this cruelty down. With the horses shipped to Canada from the U.S. with fake paperwork telling the buyer that none of them have been given vet drugs the shipper knows is false and CFIA knows it, I’m sure. The killer buyers here in the U.S. grab as many horses and donkeys at auctions that they can the rescues send their people to out bid the killers sometimes they are lucky and get all of horses that are at the auction, that’s the lucky ones.

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