Updated Statistics for 2016

Dorothy’s freedom walk from the New Holland auction. Photo via M.G. Murphy

Here are the final statistics for horses slaughtered in Canada in 2016, the numbers from the US and the numbers of horses exported for slaughter.  We are also including the unfortunately named “Horse Supply” numbers from Ag-Canada.  Numbers for 2017 have not been released yet.

Slaughter numbers are down 20% over 2015.

According to the US imports table, it’s 54.6% of US horses for 2016 (down from 59.9% in 2015).

The value of US horses is more per horse – $14.5 million in 2016 versus $15.9 in 2015; $13.3M in 2014 and $12.7M in 2013.


  1. Jeanne A Butterworth · ·

    Everyone’s statements are my thoughts and 20 times over,I believe if they were to witness a slaughter up front and personal maybe they would think twice about letting this happen!I believe the old saying”Out of sight Out of mind”fits this horrible situation!

  2. Pamela Pierce · ·

    Horses are not cattle. the industries abusing animals need to stop. These are not food animals we have become throw away people. The politicians are corrupt and paying the BLM and they are being paid by the Cattle ranchers. People need to DEMAND and don’t support this slaughter!
    We have become obsessed with violent ways of life for humans and animals.

  3. Nana Seitz · ·

    Stop over-breeding. This is horrible.

  4. Linda LeMieux · ·

    If the USA would set up a system similar to the one’s for dogs and cats, then more horses could be rehomed. This throw away society is what is sending these horses across the borders, and most of them are young and usable. It isn’t the old, sick or maimed. And people need to quit breeding including the big Breeders this is happening with dogs and cats too, but at least America is making progress on dog and cat breeders by making State laws that say you have to be a approved kennel before breeding. This should apply to horses also.

  5. Jocelyne Boudreau · ·

    I believe if everyone writes to the Minister asking to change the status of the horse to domestic animal, this would stop the slaughtering of horses completely. Horses should now be considered a “pet” and in Canada, we do not eat “pets”. In today’s society, the majority of horses are used for our recreational purposes. If only horses were categorized like dogs and cats!!!

  6. Brigit Paul · ·

    We just have to keep trying and saving and helping each other rescue more horses.I appreciate the determination and the voice the CDN Horse Defence Coalition puts forth, for all those that cannot speak.


    Ms. B. Paul

  7. SaturnGal · ·

    Human beings attitude towards animals is appalling!!! When the world starts thinking of them as living beings rather than property or a dollar sign on a spreadsheet there will be no change. Won’t happen in my lifetime, but this is another reason we need to raise kids who are compassionate towards all living beings, not just themselves!!!

  8. This needs to be stop. They are killing healthy and disease horses. They are not cattle.stop the abuse to the horses.

  9. The horse slaughter plants in the U.S. was shut down in 2007 but the shipping of horses to Canada so far has not stopped no matter how many bills have been introduced in congress the bills are never moved up so they can be voted on. Its the Senate that refuses to act on this because of the large donations they all get under the table from lobbyists. The breeders continue to over-breed looking for that magic horse be it a race horse, show horse or or horses used in rodeos or any other breed…horse slaughter is dumping ground for extra horses bred for one purpose to make money for the owners. The welfare of horses they over-breed is never considered. These people need to get into another line of work if all they care about is the almighty dollar instead of breeding an animal they know they will send to its death in a slaughter plant. The brood mares are done the same way once they don’t breed anymore due to age or sickness off they go to the slaughter plant while a replacement is brought right in to continue the over production.

  10. Sandie · ·

    HORRIBLE!!!! SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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