CETA Agreement Approved At Great Cost to Canadian Equines

Eurogroup for Animals, a Belgian group that seeks to improve the treatment of animals in the EU,  has reported that the CETA trade agreement was approved by the EU parliament  (408 votes in favour, 254 against, 33 abstentions).  CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is a deal negotiated between the EU and Canada which is considered by many to pose a serious threat to animals and  the environment. It has been dubbed the “little brother” of the better known Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreements.

CETA will remove taxes and other barriers to trade on animal products entering the EU from Canada, which will likely result in a steep increase of animal product imports. CETA will allow a phase-in of unlimited, duty-free  live animals and horsemeat from Canada, all while the EU simultaneously acknowledges that Canadian horsemeat may not meet EU food safety standards.  As the CHDC has previously reported, effective March 31, 2017, American horses imported to Canada for slaughter will require a six month residency.

The European Union has recognized animals as sentient beings and requires member states to ensure that their welfare is respected.  Such is not the case in Canada,  where animal welfare standards are poor relative to those in Europe.  Our legislation is weak at both the federal and provincial level.  We rely on Codes of Practice standards for each species; these are nothing more than “guidelines” for housing and transporting animals that are completely voluntary and have no force or effect in law.  CETA does not require EU imports of Canadian animal products to comply with European standards, does not ensure traceability, and it does nothing to stop low-welfare Canadian animal products flooding the EU market where it is generally considered that meat consumption is in decline.  Under the agreement, the European market will be compelled to accept these poor-welfare, animal products from Canada.  Therefore, this agreement denies concerned European consumers the right to make informed choices about any animal products they purchase.

Please read more about the CETA agreement,  analyzed and summarized by the group Compassion in World Farming.



  1. Im Sickened by this…….Our horses have been so betrayed

  2. The TPP agreement that the Obama administration thought they were going to stick the U.S. voters with was dumped by President Trump as soon as he got to the White House. He said it was one of the worst trade deals he had ever seen. It was a mess that was put together by corporate lawyers so all of the corporations would have the power to actually sue the U.S. taxpayers if they were not making enough profit off of what they were selling in the U.S. It opened the way for food shipments to the U.S. that was not inspected and numerous other dangerous food additives that the U.S. consumer would buy not knowing what it was. That is what this Ceta sounds a lot like the TPP.


  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    Wow! Not good!


  5. judye822 · ·

    Every time it seems progress is being made toward ending horse slaughter, something “slams” down on what little steps we have gained; and the predatory, crime-infested, greed-driven industry continues….. I have NO faith whatsoever in any regulations as to 6-month ownership/quarantine requirements being enforced.

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  6. Unbelievable. It seems that we are all hellbent on sacrificing horses at slaughter horses in Canada.Horses are not only sentient beings; they are also domestic animals. Is the USA still have under livestock?

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