Foot Surgery Corrects Deformity For Timmy The Foal

timmy-foal-defect-hoof-bear-valley-rescue-sundrePictures and video by Bear Valley Rescue

Little Timmy came to Bear Valley Rescue in Sundre Alberta thin and underweight,  with a deformed hoof that didn’t allow him to have a normal gait.  It was very likely that he was removed prematurely from his mother’s care  due to the birth defect that caused him to walk on the toe of his left front foot.

“He could barely walk because of his deformity,” said Kathy Bartley, president of Bear Valley Rescue. “He was so very sweet, we knew we had to give him a chance. Now for the first time in his life he can run.  He’s making up for lost time.”

As you can see from the video,  Timmy is enjoying his new mobility! Bear Valley Rescue plans to place him into an adoption or foster program once he has fully healed.  The surgery gives him a chance to move normally,  whereas without the correcting surgery he likely would have ended up being sent to slaughter.

Bear Valley’s mission is to promote the welfare of animals by:

  • saving from slaughter usable and healthy horses and find them good homes
  • rescuing injured or ailing animals from auctions and feedlots or abusive situations and rehabilitating them or alleviating their suffering
  • educating the public on the plight of unwanted or aging horses and other animals
  • networking with other rescue organizations and provide support through these networks for finding and placing distressed animals

Please consider a donation to the rescue to offset the cost of Timmy’s treatment and support the feeding and care of their 150 horses (or donate your Aeroplan Miles).

Timmy’s story was also covered by the CBC.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Timmy’s story. We are very thankful to Dr. Brittany Wise of Wise Equine Vet for donating Timmy’s surgery free of charge!

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