Singer/Songwriter Adam Thibert Donates 50% of Proceeds of Song To Wild Horses

Calgarian singer/songwriter Adam Thibert is donating 50% of the proceeds from one of his songs  to raise awareness and help give the thousands of wild horses that are being slaughtered around the world a voice. Adam’s song is now available on iTunes and he will be donating the percentage of the proceeds to The Wild Horses of Alberta Society and The American Wild Horse Foundation.  

Thank You Adam!

You can listen to and purchase the song here or in iTunes.

Adam’s Bio:

Adam Thibert was born in the blue collar city of Windsor, ON across the river from Detroit, MI. At a young age his parents moved to Tecumseh, a small farm town outside of the city where he lived with his mom sister and brother until he finished high school. At the age of 18 during a decade long recession, he left with his guitar, suitcase, songbook and spent 10 years travelling and moving around North America.

He fell into acting while in Toronto and landed parts on TV shows, film, and commercials. Not long after the momentum started Thibert found himself out of work as an actor due to a writers strike. Tired of the big city and uncertainty of his career as an actor, Adam headed for the Sunshine Coast of B.C and began working odd jobs to support himself on various remote islands as well as Vancouver for a short while. After a serious work injury caused by a fall from a broken ladder, Adam found himself bed ridden with two herniated discs and arthritis in his spine. Once he was able to walk again he headed back to Toronto and it was there that he found his unique style and voice as a musician and began writing deep thoughtful songs sounding far beyond his years, leaving listeners tongue-tied.

Adam recalls his first live performance when he arrived back in Toronto “It was at an open jam at the legendary Grossman’s Tavern on a cold January night. I wiped the sweat from my palms and finally built up the courage to play a few songs. My legs wouldn’t stop shaking. People must have thought I was trying to impersonate Elvis but I was just so nervous that I could hardly keep myself up. After playing a few songs a crowd of strangers gave me a standing ovation, someone watching gave me $40 to cover my drinks and the owner invited me back to play anytime. After that night I knew that writing songs and playing music for people was something that I had to keep doing.”

Blending folk, rock, and blues, Adam’s music will paint an unforgettable picture in your mind and take you back to the good times, bad times, rivers, mountains, desert or any other place you may find yourself reminiscing while listening to his music. Adam self-released his debut album titled ‘Up All Night In The Sun’ in June 2015 and is currently working on another one due to be out in 2017. He currently resides in Calgary, AB.

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  1. Shelley Grainger · ·

    Excellent song – thank you Adam Thibert!

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