Six Thoroughbreds In Need Of Homes in Elizabethville Ontario….

This is a courtesy post for a retired individual who needs to place six thoroughbred horses.  If they cannot be placed in homes,  they will be euthanized or sent to auction.  They are located in the town of Elizabethville Ontario,  near Campbellcroft and the Ganaraska Forest.

Prospective adopters may be interviewed for suitability or be required to sign an adoption contract.  There is a possibility that the mares may have been exposed to the stallion. 

Interested parties may contact the owner’s son Shawn Clow by either email or phone:


Please share to help these horses find suitable homes! 

Details and warranties have been provided by the owner (click on an image to read more information about the horse) :


  1. Really wish I was in a position to save these horses. What were these people thinking keeping a stud with mares if they have no way to keep even the ones they already have?Unregistered, untrained and/or aged TBs don’t have a great future in this country. Just hope someone is able to rescue these poor souls, before they go to auction. Sad to think that euthanasia may be the best they can hope for. Certainly hope the owner can afford this, and doesn’t equate slaughter with humane end, as so many apologists seem to do. Keeping fingers crossed that they all find homes. Maybe those on facebook or other social media can share this.

  2. Helene Hansmann · ·

    No horses to slaughter esp the young ones, old ones, pregnant mares…

  3. Helene Hansmann · ·

    Is the 8 month old colt still available? Sailor ?

  4. What other alternative would there be if no homes are forthcoming? Humane euthanasia is still preferable to sending them to an auction where they would very likely end up in the hands of a kill buyer.

  5. Victoria (Vicky) Hailey, CMC · ·

    I know this email won’t go anywhere, but it makes me crazy that someone, whatever the circumstances, would unilaterally decide to put these gorgeous, relatively young horses down if they can’t find them a home. This just goes to show they shouldn’t have them to begin with if they can’t be responsible for their entire lives!

    Our species needs to relearn the value of life…if only…v

    Victoria (Vicky) Hailey, CMC . >

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