Updated – CHDC Recognizes Equines Who Served In The World Wars

In keeping with our annual tradition, the CHDC is honouring the equines who have served in the world wars – most giving their lives as the ultimate sacrifice.  They had no choice.Many animals were employed in wars and campaigns over the centuries, and as a result millions died.  They all played a vital role in every region of the world in the cause of human freedom. Their contribution must never be forgotten.

As a gesture of thankfulness, we ask that you please sign e-petition 116, a Canadian Parliament petition that can be signed online.  Then please share with 5 friends, and ask them to share with 5 more.  E-petition 116 calls upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act, thus prohibiting the importation or exportation of horses for slaughter for human consumption, as well as horsemeat products for human consumption. Our goal is to exceed 10,000 signatures by year end – we are a quarter of the way there!

Please honour the horses on Remembrance Day by adding your name to e-petition 116.

Thank you.

Your friends at the CHDC

Here are the photos of our wreath for 2016:






Last year’s memorial wreath (we will update with new pictures of the 2016 wreath once available)





  1. This is such an important act of remembrance. Pity that there aren’t more wreaths (or any) for other animals……

  2. My father was a young officer in WWII. They loved their horses and were first to be taken care of before they ate. Of course, so many died and people too.

  3. I wish I could sign the petition too but I’m not a Canadian citizen I live in the U.S. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that horses from the U.S. are barred from being slaughtered in Canada. That would bring the over breeding to a screeching halt if the breeders didn’t have a easy way to dump the horses they can’t sell. If they have to feed them they will stop breeding them without solid buyers.

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