Remembrance Day 2016

The CHDC is pleased to present our tribute to the equines who served in the many wars mankind has fought.



  1. Yes it’s a horrible problem but what we need to do is ban polluting vhicals and use these animals in buggy and harness I use my horses with respect but apparently there is a law in Alberta that we can not drive our teams in town . But everyone loves there cars a nd trucks the bigger and newer they are if you ban horse slaughter then ban vhicals as well we would do society a big help !! But it’s all about big busenes and big pollution with huge profits !!! And our politicians are their for that reason !!talk about Mennonite s they are wicked ly bad with no respect for man or beast they rape our forest s reck our roads work cheap and no one can compete but our gov shut there eyes to them they drive

  2. Maria Fornataro · ·

    Far to painful to watch. These beautiful animals used in human conflicts were never meant to suffer this way. Humans are truly the most evil creatures on the earth.

  3. Andrea Richard · ·

    Shameful. There horses deserve better than to be killed!

  4. So sad to watch, especially knowing it still goes on today, even as far as using animals as suicide bombers. Can only hope there is some form of karma for all the evil the human race has inflicted on equines, and all other life. And to think that after the WWs the few surviving conscripted horses were not repatriated, but abandoned to be slaughtered for meat overseas. To Canada’s endless shame, we now do the same to millions more innocents, without even the feeble excuse of “wartime hardship”. The morality, or lack of it, shown by humanity towards it’s most faithful and undervalued partner is unforgivable, yet sadly the status quo in Canada.

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