GoFundMe set up for Water for Buggy Horses in Township of Woolwich Ontario

shelterPosting on behalf of a concerned advocate.

The horse shelter pictured is located near the small town of Elmira Ontario and is used by Old Order Mennonites to tie up their buggy horses while they run errands or spend the day selling their farm produce at the nearby farmer’s market.

Please go here to read about this and to contribute to help.  Thank you.


  1. shawn Petoskey · ·

    These are beautiful animals , gentle & deserve life just like you , me & anything else ! Please stop the slaughter of these beautiful creatures !

  2. Anne Marshall · ·

    What do you think the cost is? Sent from my iPhone

    1. The goal shown is around $1700.00 A very modest amount.

  3. Anne Marshall · ·

    To the lady concerned about the water for these working horses. Thank You I will donate. Are the horses tied there I winter? Will this water be available in winter? Anne

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. The Mennonites are out in their buggies year round.

  4. Teresa Heaney · ·

    I would like to see pisted what is being done to legislate the Mennonites who are well known for their animal cruelty, neglect and abuse. It is time Canadians started seeing and doing something sbout what affects us as Canadians. Why arent the horse owners providing the needed water to their horses. Its the law for Canadians to care properky for their animals. Are these Mennonites Canadians governed by Canadian laws? If not, why not. We Canadians want each citizen to follow the laws that we decide on and wewant thenones tthat dont abide by our laws to be investigated and brought to task by the law that is supported by all of our taxes. So who is going to be watering the horses that are being exploited and abused by the Mennonites?

    1. Giving the horses access to water is an interim measure strictly for their welfare, not to help neglectful owners. We do want to educate the Mennonites about proper treatment of animals but – in the meantime – we want to do something for the immediate well-being of the horses.

    2. The most important issue is that the horses have water. Hopefully this will be seen as a positive reach-out to the Mennonites.

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