Horse Supply numbers for the slaughter trade

Photo: Susie Gordon Fine Arts

Photo: Susie Gordon Fine Arts

Here are the Horse Supply numbers for the slaughter market as at August 2016.

Good to see that imports from the US are down year-to-date over August by -27.3%, as well, the overall number of horses slaughtered in Canada for January to August 2016 is down over 2015 by -18.9%.

Live exports have dropped slightly from last year at -7%

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  1. Agree that any horse slaughter is too much, but hope this decrease signals a trend in reducing overbreeding. Just hope the difference isn’t being made up by the psycho troglodytesshipping live horses overseas for slaughter. If possible, this is even worse, as the victims suffer even longer before their deaths. We must work on getting this travesty stopped, along with domestic slaughter. Of course, if Canada could enforce it’s pathetically weak laws (re transport, cruelty, and “food” safety), both these crimes would already be abolished.

  2. Daryl Conner · ·

    HOrse slaughter has to stop all together and never be done again in our country.
    Horses are not food. It is such a injustice being done to these animals.

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    I agree with Zig Pope! The CFIA – no accountability! Time to throw in the towel!

  4. As of May 2016 the number of horses shipped to Canada from the U.S. was a little over 14,000 which is down considerably from the 80’s through the 90’s at least in that time frame. It might be that a lot of breeders have left the business or are doing something else besides over-breeding horses. I am hoping that when the EU rules go into effect in 2017 holding horses for 6 months before they can be slaughtered will put another deeper dent in the over-breeders here in the U.S. to the point they will go out of business taking the kill buyers with them. That may also put most of the horse slaughter plants in Canada out of business, none of them will see much profit in it if they have to feed the horses for half a year before they can be killed that may push them to turn to slaughtering cattle, sheep or pigs instead, which is a good thing. I’m hoping it is the beginning of the end for this cruelty. All of the horse slaughter plants in the U.S. was closed several years ago so that’s gone from here never to open again.

  5. One horse slaughtered is too many.

  6. Zig Pope · ·

    Canada allows horse killing companies to accept and kill stolen horses, with fraudulent paper work, loaded with toxic drugs.

    The government is running amok with amoral and unethical people who are no better than any common thug.

  7. If this information is true then it explains the horse thefts that are happening. Just remember eating someone’s pet is toxic!!! The horse has been given medications, vaccinations and butte for pain. All linked to cause a multitude of health issues including cancer.

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