Toronto Sun Series – Missing Horses Sargon And Apollo

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The CHDC would like to inform our readership of these two Toronto Sun articles covering the disappearance of two much-loved horses in Durham Region Ontario.

Both articles written by Chris Doucette,  with commentary by Shelley Grainger of the CHDC.

“You have to be very aware of the risks,” Shelley Grainger, a spokesman for the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, told the Sun. “The person who responds to your ad may not give your horse the quiet life in a green pasture that they promised.”

In reality, she said, family pets and retired race horses often end up on the killing floors at slaughterhouses — destined to be sold for meat.

“It’s a common scam,” Grainger said.

Please read more here:

Owners Fear Beloved Horses Sent to Slaughter

Horse Rustling A “Common Scam”

There is also a petition circulating for Sargon,  one of the two missing horses.

Please share to increase awareness and help protect other horses

Please read CHDC’s resource for owners of missing horses – what to do immediately after your horse disappears – “Help – My Horse Is Gone”

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