CHDC Heads To Ottawa October 4th and 5th To Meet With MPs On Horse Slaughter

lobbymonitor_logo3Originally Published in The Lobby Monitor (subscription required,  reproduced here for our readers’ convenience)

“An animal welfare coalition is heading to Ottawa to communicate with members of Parliament on the dangers of horse meat consumption.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) registered to lobby with Aaron Freeman of Pivot Strategic Consulting, its Sept. 9 filing in the federal lobbyists’ registry indicates.

Shelley Grainger, the CHDC eastern region director, said in a phone interview that the CHDC registered to lobby before they come to Ottawa on Oct. 4 to 5 to meet with MPs to discuss their case against horse slaughter in Canada.

The reason for banning horse slaughter is partially on behalf of animal welfare, as horses are raised as companion animals or pets, not livestock, Grainger said. She also added their meat also creates a risk for human health as many horses are given banned drugs that are hazardous to human health.

According to the group’s filing in the registry, a policy ban or limit would only be allowed if it comes with “a verifiable lifetime medical record of treatments received.” Grainger said there is a gap not being addressed by the current regulations in place for people looking to sell horses for slaughter who only have to provide an Equine Information Document that states what lack of drugs the horse has received in the last six months—not their complete life record.

The export of Canadian horsemeat could be complicated by the European Commission which announced on Sept. 20, that they would impose stricter “regulations on the import of horsemeat from non-EU countries following its latest audit, which found that Canadian horsemeat may not meet EU food safety standards,” a press release from the International Humane Society stated.

These rules are planning to come into effect by March 31, 2017, and horses from non-EU countries will have to undergo a six-month residency requirement. Grainger said that a significant portion of horses in Canadian slaughterhouses come from the United States where there is no mandatory veterinary record keeping.

She is concerned about the animal’s welfare during those six months, during that time she said they would be situated on feedlots. “They might not receive the medications that some may need as issues arise. They will just be left to their own devices for those six months, it’s quite obviously an animal welfare concern when that happens.”

The CHDC is looking to communicate with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Health Canada. On Aug. 23, Grainger launched an e-petition, asking the House of Commons to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act to prohibit the sale and import and export of horses for slaughter for human consumption. The petition was sponsored by Liberal MP Mark Holland—who they will be meeting during their time in Ottawa next week.”


Have you signed CHDC’s E-Petition?  We have only 2,000 signatories!

Time marches on……..please continue to sign and forward this petition, which is open until December 21st.


Thank you,  from the horses…


  1. Debra Little · ·

    This is first that I have seen this Petition about the horse slaughter
    Industry. Horse Rescues need to be made aware of this Petition .
    We Need To Stop this!! I will share this Petition .

  2. I know a lot of folks in the U.S. would have signed the petition but we can’t because we don’t live in Canada. I hope it can be stopped in Canada which will put all of the kill buyer’s out of business in a hurry. It will also put a stop to all of the over breeding that goes on in the U.S. because the horse farms won’t have a convenient place to dump the horses they can’t sell. The politicians in the U.S. are paid under the table not to ever pass any anti-slaughter bill that is introduced. They have no interest in the danger eating the meat might be. Good Luck.

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