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Photo: Susie Gordon Fine Art

Photo: Susie Gordon Fine Art

From HSI/International:

“The new EU rules mean that from March 31, 2017, horses destined for slaughter in non-EU countries but for export to the EU, must undergo a minimum six-month residency requirement. This decision is likely to impact the horse slaughter industry in Canada and several South American countries, where horses for slaughter may be sourced from neighbouring countries.”

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  1. I’m against horse slaughter because these animals are not meant to be kill people are not responsible with their horses

  2. I certainly have no sympathy for anyone who eats horses, and wouldn’t mind if they all died horrible deaths. But it’s pathetic that the only issue that’s raised is the “food safety” aspect, and not the brutal treatment of the equines, and the general corruption and lawlessness inherent in this “industry”. We can only hope that the killers aren’t willing to keep horses for 6 months, and thay the EU has some way of actually enforcing it’s own rules, unlike Canada and the CFIA. If only this could be brought in and strictly enforced, the ovwerbreeders and horse dumpers will have to find some other way to make money. Of course, then we still have to work on getting live exports banned, as well as breeding horses for this evil business. It seems there’s very little for horses in Canada to celebrate, we really are no country for old horses, or any other kind.

  3. I am totally against killing animals to eat. I wish from the bottom of my heart that every person who eats any sort of meat or seafood will die with the most horrible pain …. and animal abusers shout be their hands amputated….

  4. How will it be enforced?

  5. But it’s okay to send them straight to the EU….. And there were strict regulations which were to be imposed in two, separate past years….and NOT!!!
    There’s money to be made; it’s going to be made. Slaughter is a predatory crime-infested, greed-driven industry; the onky REAL rule is that there are no rules…..
    Maybe people will have to start dying from eating horsemeat to get it stopped!

  6. je suis totalement contre labattage de ces chevaux

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