New E-Petition Calling on the House of Commons to Prohibit Horse Slaughter

postcard2The CHDC’s Eastern Region Director, Shelley Grainger, has created E-petition e-116, for citizens of Canada to call upon the House of Commons in Parliament to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act, thus prohibiting the importation or exportation of horses for slaughter for human consumption, as well as horse meat products for human consumption.  Liberal MP Mark Holland, representing Ajax, Ontario, is e-116’s sponsor.

Until recently, paper versions with hand-written signatures were the only way to submit petitions to the Canadian Parliament. The government has now created a process for creating, gathering signatures and submitting e-petitions online.

E-petitions are published online for 120 days and a minimum of 500 signatures are required for certification and presentation in the House of Commons.  It is then tabled for a government response.

Please show your support to end horse slaughter by signing e-petition 116 and sharing it with your friends and supporters.  Knowing the majority of Canadians would like to see this industry ended, we know that we can easily surpass the 500 signatures required.

Thank you for your continued support.

For the horses,

Your friends at the CHDC


  1. Please stop

  2. Please stop! 😦

  3. Carol Lalonde · ·

    Stop this slaughter of these beautiful creatures.

  4. Signed the petition, but had to invent a phone number. I guess the gov doesn’t want poor people who can’t afford a phone to have any voice at all, kind of like our fellow animals. And for the people who think horse slaughter and breeding to kill is OK because we also do it to other species, one step at a time.Let’s get horses protected for now, and once the kill plants are shut down, irresponsible breeding will stop, as long as there is enforcement of the anti-slaughter law. The penalty for these crimes MUST be enough to change people’s minds, and the court must be willing to convict and sentence accordingly. The problem is too many people involved with horses only to make money, and not love. This applies to all other animals too, so please also sign gov petition for bill C-246. We’ve got to get Canada out of it’s 18th century attitudes toward animals.

  5. Stop this! Start signing petitions for the HUMANE slaughter of horses. Start signing petitions to make a law that anyone breeding horses must have a license. Start signing petition s for penalties including cruelty charges for people breeding without a license. The problem isn’t slaughter. Its sometimes the best option for some of these backyard bred, mentally and physically unsound, mistreated, suffering horses. By signing this, we are prolonging the suffering of so many of these horse and avoiding a much more important fight. Have you ever had a pet cow? Theyre lovely creatures. We slaughter them in humanely too.. come on guys. Let’s get some perspective.

  6. If horse slaughter was banned in Canada, what would happen to the roughly 100,00 horses? Probably shipped to Mexico, where they already slaughter 3 times more than us…some with knives not guns. The original Equus was eaten to extinction in the Americas, then reintroduced after most of the world was already eating horse. Not an easy solution.

    1. First, how about stopping the breeding of horses for human consumption. In feedlots in Alberta horses are raised for human consumption. Stop the breeding and the overbreeding encouraged by breed associations and the AQHA. Not wanting to get into a long discussion here, but years ago there were hundreds of thousands of horses that went to slaughter, then the numbers dropped dramatically. By some miracle, there was no “crisis” – the population adjusted and the number absorbed. With advocacy towards responsible ownership and breeding (horse federations have drink the Kool-Aid too), this is manageable without the slaughter option.

  7. Dari Turner · ·

    Stop the slaughter now !!

  8. Lucile Wheeler Vaughan CM · ·

    Please, please stop this horse slaughter!!!

    Lucile Wheeler Vaughan.CM

  9. Diana Millar · ·

    I agree stop the madness. Horse deserve our help and support 24/7. No excuses, no slaughter.

  10. Please STOP THE SLAUGHTER!!!! It’s inhumane!!!!!


  12. Hi Shelley –

    Hope you’re well!

    OMG-Well done! Thank you so much for launching this e-petition. Please let me know if there’s anything i can do to help – i’ve already signed and notified friends and family to sign.

    Question: Because this e-petition deals with “pet” horses vs “wild” horses, what’s your expectation regarding wild horses? With this focus targeting shutting down the slaughterhouses, is your underlying logic that Canadian wild horses will also be protected if the slaughter pipeline is closed down?

    Finally, do you know if CHDC has set up a method to accept monthly contributions yet? I inquired about a year ago, and heard it’s coming, so i’m just following up on this as i’d like to contribute in whatever way i can…thanks Shelley!…v


  13. Marita Portree · ·

    Please stop killing all beautiful creatures.

  14. Janine Callaghan · ·

    Please stop horse slaughter worldwide not just in Canada! Be responsible horse owners so your horse don’t end up in line and help those who can’t look after their horses please. They are such wonderful partners to have.

  15. Debbie Hargrove · ·

    The time has come to STOP all horse roundups for slaughtering. Teardown all horse Kill pens and horse slaughter houses. If you care for the health of human beings you would END all this, after all one day your children may be affect by this. Time will tell, and then it will be too late to help your children.

  16. I am a US citizen, and I want to see the slaughtering of horses stopped world wide. Horses are intelligent beautiful beings and it breaks my heart to know this is happening. They should NOT be used for food. There is enough of other kinds of meat available. There is no reasons we humans should be fed horse meat. Also I have seen the cruelty of the slaughter pipeline. It is just wrong on every level and needs to stop immediately, of not sooner. Thank you

  17. staffordmotion · ·

    I have signed the petition and also wrote to the member of parliament sponsoring this bill with my support. I live in Florida now but it is easy to return to vote. I am a Canadian citizen since birth. If we can stop the slaughter in Canada it would only leave Mexico as a North American source and we could work on them. Always wishing you the best and with my full support.
    Howard Alexander Stafford
    N.B. Barbara Griffith is totally correct and it will make a big difference.

  18. I am so please I m crying. I’m so happy that at lease now there’s a chance the torture crulty and death may come to an end. I’ve sent out the petting yo as many prople as I know. Please help end this disaster. People of the world dont need tainted horse meat. Premarin and pmu ranches causing cancer. Please sign help end this madness. Thank you.

  19. I am a US citizen but I would like to see this petition make a difference there. We are fighting the same battle here. Good luck Canadians!

  20. Please share – this petition has an expiration date so it’s critical that it be signed and shared by as many Canadian residents as possible.

  21. Katherine drew · ·

    I wish I could sign this petition. I am a u.s. citizen that IA against the slaughter of horses.

  22. If horse slaughter could be stopped in Canada it would bring the shipping of horses from the U.S. to a screeching stop. I live in the U.S. and it’s the constant over breeding by the Quarter Horse owners and numerous other breeders all across the country…including the racing industry. They are all looking for that magic horse that could bring in a lot of money either in racing, rodeo, horse shows with its ribbons along with prize money. Very few really care about the horses they breed it’s just the money they make off of them if they can’t sell them for what they want off to the auction and the slaughter pipeline. If it could be stopped in Canada these breeders would think long and hard about just how many spring foals can they actually sell that year especially since they would not have anywhere to dump them for a hundred dollars. The price for the horses would go up and the number of unwanted horses would go down. Simple math. I also encourage all Canadians to support these petitions this might be the support that is needed to put a stop to horse slaughter in your country. Good Luck.

  23. Please stop slaughtering such intelligent firm of life

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