Revealed: Death flights to Japan for our horses

The CHDC is releasing this footage that reveals new information about the final destination for the live draft horses who are shipped to Japan for human consumption.




  1. Anneka Mackeprang · ·

    Shocking to see so much abuse and suffering.Horses are so sensitive why do they need to fly and suffer only to be slaughtered?it doesn t make any sense.Also very sad to see that the Japanese would allow kids to come to slaughter house for tours!They teach them not to feel and be robots

  2. Daniel Cordero · ·

    Very well made documentary. We have noticed in the US that, for some unknown reason, USDA has stopped accounting horses shipped for immediate slaughter under the HS tariff header associated to that item.

    Similarly, the figures for live horses air-shipped to Japan for slaughter have been corrected retroactively since last march, resulting in a huge, possibly artificial, drop in the number of live horses shipped to Japan.

    Are you guys aware of whether horses are still shipped from the US to Japan to these Japanese plants? Or are they instead shipped to Canada for fattening prior to being air-freighted to Japan (that makes more sense)?

  3. D C Coggins · ·

    Sorry I was unable to watch the video it makes me sick at the horrendous cruelty that the animals suffer at the hands of mankind which is unforgivable I just pray that man never ever find another planet to rape of all its goodness for profit because that’s what it boils down to greed

  4. Canada, its dirty secret is exposed to the world. Remember the name Claude Bouvry.

  5. This is so distressing and discouraging. Things never seem to get better for horses in this world, as long as some evil humans can make a buck off their misery. Of course , we can blame the consumers in Asia, and they certainly deserve it, but what about us in Canada? The liberals are supposed to be more progressive than the last bunch of criminals,but have done nothing for horses in almost a year. It’s not even on their radar, even the very weak animal protection bill probably won’t pass, even though it mostly would help pets and captive wildlife. So what hope do horses have in this country, despite the fact that without their help we would barely have settled most of Canada by now. So true in this case that no good deed (by equines) goes unpunished. And maybe the most sickening part is how Japnese children seem to be happily carrying on the sins of their fathers.I really think a gigantic earthquake or tsunami, or maybe another nuclear waste leak, can’t come soon enough. On second thought, better to hope for human extinction, so the rest of creation, especially horses, can live in peace.

  6. barbie bastille · ·

    where is the petition for me to sign?

  7. Lynn Bock · ·

    This is sickening and really shows mans cruelty to gentle and beautiful horses. This in my opinion ranks right up there with a Pearl Harbor attack! This is an attack on defenseless animals for WHAT??? Damn you Alberta and Japan for this offense to civilized people who know how disgusting your actions are. There are no words left to fully express my anger !

  8. They are sending the meat back to America as other meat.

    1. Daniel Cordero · ·

      As far as official figures is concerned, near 100 tons of human-consumption grade Canadian horsemeat are exported to the US every month. This meat seems to go all to the Nebraska Packing plant.

      Do you know about any other instances of horsemeat being shipped to US destinations that aren’t Nebraska Packing? Which are the Canadian suppliers involved?

  9. I am ashamed that we as a nation allow these horses to be treated so cruelly. This is wrong on so many levels.

  10. Tracey Loisz · ·

    Can’t believe the horror that meets these beautiful gentle horses ..I’m sickened at the thought of the barbarity the Japanese inflict upon them

  11. Barb Southee · ·

    Find an alternate food source, not involving horses …. time to address over population, food supply and how to sustain an over populated planet

  12. Brooke O. · ·

    Such a horrific and inexcusable, inhumane action.
    Horses were not put on this earth to eat…
    In this era of over-abundance and waste– Yet we, the people, allow this tragedy to occur?
    There is no dollar amount that should exceed the value of our horses lives.

    I am ashamed- heartbroken and appalled by this in its entirety…. It is disgraceful.
    Horses are to be honored not slaughtered…


  14. cconroy4150 · ·

    As s child, I believed that monsters lived under my bed. As an adult, I now realize that the human monsters live amongst us. What is done to our beloved horses is beyond horrific. The world is a sick, and scary, place.

    Please consider becoming a vegetarian and, ultimately, a vegan. End the horrid by ending the demand.

  15. Tracy Willis · ·

    This is a disgrace Canada!

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