Humane Organizations Still Fighting to Stop Horse Slaughter in Canada

Pennsylvania Equestrian

Suzanne Bush – August 2016

shooter killing horse with kill buyer

Horse being shot at Richelieu Meats – Photo: CHDC

In 2014, after years of pressure from Europe’s Humane Society International (HSI), the European Union banned the import of horse meat shipped from Mexican abattoirs. Dr. Joanna Swabe, the HSI/Europe Executive Director, says that her organization finally convinced European Commissioners that conditions in the Mexican abattoirs were problematic at best. Augmenting the HSI’s case were numerous traceability and food safety concerns uncovered in an audit conducted by the EU’s Food and Veterinary Office (FVO).

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  1. Canada needs to stop all horses coming from the U.S. none of them have ever been checked out for anything. The Kill Buyers fake all of the paperwork they buy the horses from auctions, never saw the horses before in their lives they have no idea what the medications are that the horses were given at some time in their lives. U.S. owners and breeders are not required by law to keep records of the med’s the horses have been given because none of the U.S. horses are raised for food. Bur large numbers of U.S. horses are shipped to Canada with no trouble at all every one just looks the other way. There is no way of knowing just how many people have been harmed by eating horse meat that used to be a U.S. horse full of bute and other drugs, I thought that once Mexico was stopped shipping horse meat to the EU Canada would also have to stop so what happened Canada???

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