hay baleRefuge RR’s situation turned from bad to disastrous when they were told recently the barn where hay was kept by the hay dealer for their 75 horses burnt down. The spring draught made hay scarcer than ever. They are now not only faced with a rocketing increase in hay price, but have to search further away for their hay, resulting in a huge transportation cost as well!

They need 28-30 large bales at 800 lbs each weekly. It has always been a challenge to keep up with the current prices, and now with the price increasing, it will be impossible to feed the horses.

President/Treasurer Rose Gergely says: “So far the only place we have been able to find enough hay is in eastern QC. They are guaranteeing they can supply enough hay until next year’s harvest which we hope will be in abundance. The problem is the price is high. For two weeks of hay it will cost us $4,218.00. That means our hay cost until next season’s crop will be $84,360.00. We have spoken to many hay dealers in the area and many are looking to bring in hay from out west and some of the eastern provinces which will hike the price even more outrageously. We will continue to search for more affordable hay but we could really use any support we can get. These are animals we were called to help save from horrible situations. We have rescued, rehabbed and are offering them sanctuary for their lifetime. They have suffered at the hands of people in our communities so we are asking the people who care to help us show them we will continue to fight for them through this horrible hay crisis.”

In addition to the cost of hay, Refuge RR must pay a minimum of $2,000 every two weeks for feed alone. Some of the additional costs are for blacksmith and veterinary care, feeding/caring for the other animals, repair/additional fencing, repair/replacing shelters, ground care, and more farm equipment is needed.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help towards the hay cost during this drought you can do so via the How to Help section on the website or

  • By email transfer – refugerr@xplornet.ca ( please send email with answer to security question and full name and address if you require a tax receipt)
  • By cheque – Refuge RR 2305 Concession 10, Alexandria, Ont. K0C 1A0

Refuge RR is a registered Canadian charity in existence for over 26 years with a total of about 250 animals of various species as permanent residents, rescued from mainly Ontario and Quebec.



  1. Ray Bower · ·

    this rescue obviously doesn’t have enough funds to do this, just like individuals get over their heads with too many animals, so do the rescues, scale back to what you can afford

  2. Why can’t the saskatchewan farmers help out. They have somuch hay it rots they waste it. ? Most of them use the western producer as there advertising paper.    I don’t have any hay . Am sorry.  Vicki Sent from my Samsung device

  3. We have hay here in Colorado USA but can’t get semi’s to deliver without huge costs, but if you can arrange for transport we will sell out of the stack for 6 a 70 lb bale squares. Have individuals in South Dakota that should be able to deliver rounds

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