Vancouver Humane Society asks why Jann Arden is promoting the Calgary Stampede

The CHDC fully endorses the position the Vancouver Humane Society  has stated in their article ‘Why is animal lover Jann Arden promoting the Calgary Stampede?’ written by Peter Fricker on June 10, 2016.

1749345207_1503172045001_1TS-01TorArden02Ms. Arden, along with Canadian singer Paul Brandt, were chosen as joint Parade Marshals for the 2016 Calgary Stampede parade on July 8, 2016.  It is considered quite an honour to be given the moniker and lead as Parade Marshal.  The ‘chosen’ are diverse, from Olympic stars to astronauts to royal princes and prime ministers.

Some prominent Canadians that have been named as Parade Marshal in the past are supposedly horse lovers.  William Shatner, known for his breeding and showing of American Saddlebreds, was Parade Marshal in 2014.  That same year, Shania Twain booked into the Stampede for a series of shows.  Ms Twain, a horse owner who actually showcased horses in her music videos and on stage, was the subject of an Open Letter campaign by the CHDC .

Ian Tyson, a long-time Alberta rancher and cowboy, renowned for his cutting horse ability, was given the title in 2012.

Ian Tyson - CBC

Ian Tyson – CBC

There appears to be a trend with 2016’s Parade Marshal.  Deeply troubling is the disconnect these Parade Marshals seem to exhibit.  You can’t be a self-professed ‘horse lover’ and then accept with glee the title of Parade Marshal.  To do so is to condone the abuse that is an integral part of the Calgary Stampede – from the barbaric calf roping to the often fatal chuck wagon races.

Photo: CBC

Photo: CBC

To do so is to negate those animals’ pain and deaths.  In the last three decades eighty horses alone have been killed during this ten-day fair.  What part of these statistics do you not understand, Ms. Arden?

At the bottom of the VHS article are several actions you can do to show your disappointment in Ms. Arden’s acceptance of the 2016 Stampede Parade Marshal.

We, along with the VHS, encourage you to ‘Let Jann Arden know that rodeo is cruel!’

This link has the ways that you can speak out to Ms. Arden.




  1. Some people think any publicity is good publicity. Pretty sure Arden will lose more fans than she’ll gain by this move, not to mention the bad Karma. Wish she would use this opportunity to speak up against this barbaric stain on our country.

  2. Marilyn Acheson · ·

    I think all chuck wagin racing and barbaric calf roping needs to be stopped from the stampede all together. Mankind is vulgar for barbaric entertainment at the expense of anothers sensitivity and right to live. Shame on us!! I have stopped going to stampede completely until they change these sick entertainments. I will not promote stampede again. Jane Arden should do the same. Maybe others will follow suit??

  3. The Calgary stampede is all pomp & circumstance.! B. S. Horses die during this spectacle.! If you love your horses you would Not want to be a part of this…period.!!! I believe Rodeo is Cruel also.

  4. Kathleen Ryan · ·

    Thank You !

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