Campaigners Seek Investigation into Quebec Horse Slaughter Plant

Humane Society International/Canada campaigners make a complaint against Viande Richelieu’s claims

Humane Society International/Canada

richelieu_home_pageIn a formal complaint made against Viande Richelieu, a horse slaughter facility located in Massueville, Quebec, campaigners with Humane Society International/Canada are requesting an investigation into the company’s claims concerning the source, quality and safety of its horsemeat products.

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  1. Anne Streeter · ·

    Thank you HSI/Canada. This is an issue that needs to be widely exposed! This particular horse slaughterhouse has been the subject of an underground investigation. The investigation exposed outright cruelty and lack of oversight by the CFIA. I also understand that less than 1% of the meat is tested for banned substances, substances that are illegal in Europe where much of the meat goes for human consumption. Sixty percent of horses come from the U.S. where horse slaughterhouses have been closed down due to lack of federal inspection. U.S. horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico. It is a bad scene all around!

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